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Medical telephone answering services in Los Angeles California have become very popular when it comes to helping your businesses thrive and succeed today. What do they do you may ask? Well they help in numerous aspects to provide a service for both you and your clients, patients, and customers so you don’t have to sit by your phone and answer it all day. There are many benefits to this, from solicitation avoidance, and more, but we’ll get to that later. First, let’s see what one of the best companies here in Los Angeles California does exactly as a medical telephone answering service.

Answering365 Answers All Calls

By hiring a company such as answering365, you get a representative that makes it seem like they are working directly at your medical office, and will do everything that you or your staff would do. From answering phone calls, handling solicitation calls, taking messages, and even scheduling patient appointments, Answering365 is the best Los Angeles remote answering service around. They don’t ignore any phone calls, and you have every record available at your fingertips through a client portal that allows you to see what calls they’ve taken, which ones you want to return, and more.

Why are Answering Services Necessary?

Doctor’s offices are extremely busy places, and because of this, if you or your receptionists actually took the time to answer every single phone call, you’d more than likely end up losing precious time because they simply wouldn’t be able to keep up. Answering services can filter calls so that medical vendors and solicitors won’t get through, and you can choose what types of calls will actually go through to your receptionists, as well as provide a way for you to be reached at all times in an emergency, or if a customer really does need to speak with you (or your practitioners). Another good benefit is that Answering365 and many other call answering services answers calls literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By having this bit of freedom, you can ensure that your company is being represented at all times and you have excellent professional customer service available for your patients no matter what time of the day it is.


Your answering service should be HIPAA compliant, as well as registered with the DMA of Southern California if you want the best service possible. Answering365 has these certifications and licenses, as well as numerous associations that they are registered and affiliated with. While they’re trained for other areas and businesses aside from the medical field, medicine is where they got their start, and they (as well as any service you would want to choose) have a major client base in the medical field alone more than any other.

So there you have it. Medical telephone answering services are there for you to be able to help your customers and patients no matter what. For a doctor’s office, it is a great thing to know that your patients feel respected, trusted, and cared for even if you’re not able to take their call and assist them. That’s why it’s important to hire a company like Answering365, because your patients will know that they’re important too.