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Sports fanatics come in walks of life. You will see baseball hats, football jerseys, and basketball shoes everywhere you look. Apartments looking to increase tenant satisfaction and attract more sports fanatics need to follow along with our list of the top 6 things sports lovers are looking for in a new luxury apartment.

Clubhouse With Cable TV

If you just moved into a new area and want to get to know people, there’s no better way than to head to the apartment clubhouse and watch the game with your new neighbors. By offering cable tv and comfortable place to socialize and watch your favorite team beat their rivals, apartments are sure to attract more sports fanatics. Free cable TV plus getting to know your neighbors? Sign me up!

Game Room And Lounge

In addition to being able to watch the game, having a place for friendly competition is a gigantic bonus for everyone who loves the competitiveness of sports. Whether it be arcade games, a pool table, or ping pong table, having an area dedicated for a game room and lounge will be sure to catch the eye of all those fans looking for a new place to call home.

High Speed WiFi

Some people just aren’t as social as others. Some just want a little me time. That’s no different for those who are obsessed with their favorite team. Having access to high speed wifi allows tenants to stream live sporting events from their smart TV, tablet, or phone. Being able to kick back, relax, watch the game all in the comfort of your home is equally as appealing to some.

Pet Friendly Amenities

Having outdoor space to enjoy some fresh air and to be active, especially with furry friends is not only a bonus, but a necessity for many potential tenants. Although a full dog park isn’t always possible, having space dedicated to walk, job, and run with pets is another sure way to attract more active people.

Full Fitness Center

No longer are apartments with a couple of treadmills and 1 machine acceptable for apartments looking to attract sports lovers. They want to live like athletes, and that means lift like athletes. Having a full fitness center is important to attract those following the growing trend of lifting heavy. In addition, group activities like yoga, dance, and pilates is a solid strategy to attract even more active, sports lovers.

Multiple Sports Facilities

Along with fitness centers, having on-site basketball courts, tennis courts, and other sporting facilities is now common for modern apartments that want to appeal to sports fans of all ages.

Happy and healthy tenants tend to stick around longer and have much more satisfaction of their living situation. So plan to incorporate as many of these tips as possible to attract sports lovers from all walks of life.