The Winter “Crassic” A Commoner’s Guide to the NHL’s New Year’s Tradition

With only 2 days to go before this year’s Winter Classic at Gillette Stadium many fans find themselves scrambling in an effort to finalize plans for the day.  That said, the ticket holding bourgeoisie need not worry because Daddy Henry and the Boston Globe has you covered with their guide to the Winter Classic.

I think I speak for everyone in New England when I say thank god for the Globe.  Without this hard hitting take we would have no idea what type of fun activities were available in the hours leading up to the game.  I mean the possibilities are endless!   A giant snowglobe, the Oscar Mayer wienermobile, world renown cover band The Zoo!  Just think of how many people would have willfully wasted away the morning getting inappropriately drunk in the stadium parking lot had it not been for the Globe.

While the lineup of activities looks simply irresistible I count myself amongst the unfortunate souls unable to attend.  Call me old fashioned, but I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to spend $300 plus to freeze my ass off in the upper deck corner.  There’s also the small matter of getting to and from Foxboro without an OUI which inevitably involves bribing a buddy to DD.  While, the game will almost certainly be amazing, the notion of paying extra for the spectacle and occasion doesn’t fly when the “spectacle” includes the musical stylings of  Jordan Smith, Simple Plan, American Authors and Fun…

Now if you told me the lineup looked something like this I may consider shelling out the dough:

  • Pregame fan fest: Left Hand Black– If we’re going with cover bands might as well throw “Fat Danzig” in the mix.
  • National Anthem: Rene- The guy’s 76 years old and got shut out in the last classic.  Give him this one.
  • Canadian National Anthem: Rush- How come they roll out Simple Plan for any events merging Canada, Hockey and Music?  They suck, give Geddy some love.
  • Pregame Set: Guns N’ Roses- They’re touring again aren’t they?
  • First Period Set: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Let’s get another local band that’s not Dropkick in the mix. Everyone likes ska right?

Fellow commoners, just because we can’t experience the Winter Classic live and in person doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the fun.  If you’re still looking for a bit of inspiration for your plans take a look at my guide to enjoying the 2 days surrounding this year’s Winter Classic:

  • New Year’s eve lunch: Head over to El Oriental de Cuba in Jamaica Plain for a cubano and espresso.  Trust me, you’ll need the energy.
  • New Year’s Eve Day: Street Hockey and 40’s: Get awkwardly drunk and relive your high school glory days with a bit of street hockey.  Why street hockey you ask?  If you’re anything like me you have buddies who can’t skate, so let them unleash their silky mitts on the pavement and keep everyone happy.  Load up on a case of 40’s (I’d suggest Mickeys) and head down to Smith Park in Allston. Trust me, this will be way more fun than the Bruins Alumni game.
  • New Year’s Eve: Go out and have fun, but keep in mind that you’re looking at a busy next day and you don’t want to be too hungover.
  • Game day breakfast: Get up early and head over to The Breakfast Club in Allston to dry out with a nice hearty meal.
  •  Game time: Head over to your preferred drinking establishment around noon to get set up.  Bars will likely be packed so you’re going to want to go off the grid a bit if you’re looking for cheap drinks and a seat with a TV view (Eddie C’s in Maverick Square is a good option).

There you have it, everything you need to enjoy the game and all the festivities without leaving the city.

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