Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 02.18.12

A quick glance back around the BBN as you prepare your venom for today’s game against the skunkweasels.

You know that friend of yours that’s got a ton of crazy ideas, and often goes off half cocked when he gets excited? Well, The Buckeye Blog has a friend like that, and he had access to a typewriter this week;

I’ll tell you, PacMan, now known as Adam Jones (formerly from West Virginia Mountaineers, Tennessee Titans, others, and Cincinnati Bengal felon, roommate of Cedric Besnon) after 17 infractions with the law, in one year decided to fly to Reno, buy a gun and shoot up a strip club. Pure genius. For anyone with “Maff Skillz,” that’s more than once a month that this player awakens to his alarm clock, puts on his pants and shoes, then proceeds to go “F something up!” It’s Groundhog Day for serial mental case, Puxutuwany PacMan. I’d hate to be Cedric and PacMan’s manservant. Worse, if one of their wives burnt the toast. Good heavens.

The Price was right for Sylvester Yon-Rambo, who celebrated the first of two 2013 verbals that Ohio State received this past week;

After losing out on a top rated WR recruit on Friday Night Ohio States Coach Meyer and his staff went into complete hibernation and depressed mode….. NOT. They had a huge weekend lined up with Sunday being a one of many Junior Days that will occur this year. Some of those in attendance had already been offered and some walked away with fresh offers. One though came away very impressed and chose to end his recruitment early and committed to Ohio State.

Several great offerings from Vico’s team this week- Who else would choose a Three Dog Night song to highlight OSU’s second 2013 commitment of the week?

Ohio State’s previous regime usually did very well on the recruiting front, minus Bollman’s unwillingness to have those darn offensive linemen.  We were usually top 10.  Still, there’s the very real sense this recruiting class could be even more legendary than 2008 (back in April 2008, that is).  The State of Ohio is strong in 2013 and Meyer will probably get the “first full year bump” that a lot of coaches get, certainly at high profile programs.  Should be fun, we hope.

Also, the resident hoops officiating guru weighed in on the state of the college striped shirts and the fans who critique them.

The second big reason for complaints from fans is a misunderstanding of the rules.  This is not to say that fans don’t know the rules, just that they are not always completely knowledgeable of all the little details of the rules.  Last year I talked about many of the more common rules misunderstandings that are out there in my articles on block/charge (parts 1 and 2), traveling, ‘over-the-back‘, and others.  In many cases the officials are calling the plays properly and the real complaint is with what the rules actually say.

Since we’re celebrating recruiting, you’ve got to read Michael’s article regarding the recruitment of Armani Reeves and Camren Williams,which is an interview with Cam’s father Brent;

Q: What stood out to you about Urban Meyer?

BW:  He has a perception as a “rock star” based on media portrayal. I got to know him a little while he was at Florida because he tried to recruit my older son. Urban has a great ability to make a parent feel comfortable and confident that Ohio State will be a great place for your child to come too.  He explains football, life and academics clearly.

Another thing that stands out is his passion for Ohio State. Even though everyone knows he came from Florida, I was impressed by how much he knew and appreciated the history of Ohio State. Not all coaches who come from other programs can present this.  His passion for Ohio State is second to none and is very evident when you talk to him.

Grant was able to convince Nicki Meyer that he wasn’t too creepy, and came away with a very poignant interview with Coach Meyer’s daughter (that was well received by the man himself);

BHC: Alright, the contract. I’m very close to my parents as well, so I know exactly where you were coming from with it. We’ve heard a number of different things that may have been on it, but you’re actually the one who wrote it up. What all did you include?

Nicki:Its funny because I was sitting in class one day and did it to be silly. But I was so happy to see that he took it so seriously. It included things about eating at least three meals a day, being healthy and exercising, speaking to me as often as I am used to, keeping the lake house we have in Florida, sleeping with his cell phone on silent, maintaining a healthy weight, limited hours of a workday (this is the one that was tough), taking me on a yearly trip as we usually do, and coming to watch my sister and I play. Those were the major ones I can remember. He has complied so far. 🙂

And the newest house caller started off on the right foot by taking the temperature of the unfortunate people who choose to follow TTUN;

They’ve taken their new “swagger” to social media outlets where they boast of their great victory.  They envision a future full of Ann Arbor streets and buildings named for the next great coach, Brady Hoke.  Yes, the school that wants us to forget their loss to Appalachian State now considers their narrow home victory against a scandal-plagued Buckeye unit to be their opportunity to say, “We’re Michigan” without those hearing it rolling their eyes and laughing at the fool who said it.  They know it wasn’t a great win, but it’s all they have, so they go with it.

And finally, here at the mothership, one of our two Mich1gAAn residents helped us cope with the loss to the Spartans in hoops;

Truth of the matter is that no matter what a coach, player, or fan does —  sometimes things don’t go your way.

When you realize that you’re feeling the same anguish displayed on the face of your team’s top player, the spectrum becomes just a bit more clear.

No matter who is playing or coaching your favorite team, there are going to be things you disagree with. Excuses and devised strategy will be created by fans to fill the expectation of winning every single time our team takes the floor. Sometimes though, we have to take a step back and give props to the opposing team that imposed their game plan.

And another hoops guru looked at the sick game of Sammy Prahalis… no pun intended;

This season will see her finish in some pretty good company on many career lists. She should end her career in the top ten in career scoring at Ohio State. Depending on how deep the Buckeyes last in the tournaments she could become the all time leader in games played, knocking Jantel Lavender’s 136 games from the top. She’s already in the top ten for three-point FG’s made and attempted with 128 for 426 prior to this season, and that will most certainly increase as the season wears down. Samantha will finish in the top ten for free throws made and attempted with the 323 for 401 she had recorded before this season began. Last but not least, she is sitting at number nine all time for career steals and will certainly have a strong finish in that category this season.

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