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There are a million stories across Buckeye Nation… here are some of this week’s best from other great Ohio State blogs.

Grant and the team at Buckeye House Call may be new to the Ohio State blogging world, but they certainly aren’t wasting time in making an impact. Writer EB Cooper started a series this week talking about Ohio State history

Ohio has many great traditions that separate itself from any other state for football, simply look at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Where is it? Canton, Ohio. Canton, a city in Northeast Ohio (330, my neck of the woods) was home to one of the first pro teams, the Canton bulldogs, of the old Ohio league from 1903 to 1919, than to the National football league from 1920 to 1926 winning several league championships before moving to Cleveland and eventually disbanding (Go figure, right?). The most famous player on those teams was native Oklahoman and Native American Jim Thorpe, the sport’s first superstar. Thorpe, who was also an Olympic athlete, was one of the main reasons why the NFL chose Canton as its home for the Hall of Fame.

Also, Andrew Huber took a look at the story of the week: Urban Meyer’s recruiting efforts-

The recruiting success Meyer and his staff have enjoyed since moving to Columbus two months ago has been jaw dropping. By Ohio State standards, this year’s recruiting class was left for dead in the wake of Jim Tressel’s resignation. In team recruiting rankings on web sites like Scout and Rivals, the Buckeyes remained in the top 25, but not by much. Today, two months after Urban Meyer took over, the Buckeyes were ranked third in the country on Rivals and fourth in the country on Scout.

The great staff at Our Honor Defend didn’t disappoint this week either; in addition to the recruiting and shootyhoops coverage, Dan chimed in the bulletin board material spewed by a certain former Buckeye recruit

As you might have expected, I have some thoughts on this. There will be blood on the field, but it won’t be his. I can only assume he meant one of two things by this. The first is that he won’t be in the starting lineup, so his blood will only be spilled on the sideline. The second is that he feels confident that John Simon will break Denard Robinson beyond repair at some point in the game and he will be forced to carry what’s left of him off of the field (hence the red-stained jersey).

Dave and Drew added some new writers as well, and our friend Ken had what was possibly my favorite piece of the week, a two part series that looked at Jim “I Am The Walrus” Bollman’s ability to develop NFL caliber linemen

This post takes a look at Ohio State linemen that have been drafted into the NFL. This is based on the assumption that NFL GM’s have some idea of talent, and regardless of college performance these players were thought highly enough of for a GM to spend a draft pick to acquire. To do this comparison, I looked at some “horizontal” and “longitudinal” numbers to see how Bollman compared against his contemporaries and his predecessors as an offensive line coach. I had two “measures of success”: number of linemen drafted and number of linemen drafted in the 1st round. This may quantify and qualify the end results. Regardless of how “good” a recruit was going into the system, did he emerge “good enough” that an NFL GM would draft him? I want to stress that this is a comparison, not an analysis.

The other “noob” on the team gave us a great piece of insight into Ohio State’s newest coordinators-

I recently sat down with someone who knows and has worked with both of them.  Anthony Ceder was a graduate assistant at the University of Texas during the time that both Everett Withers and Tom Herman were on the staff.  Withers was the defensive backs coach and Tom Herman was also a graduate assistant.  A third person perspective could prove very enlightening about two of the new coaches for the Buckeyes.

The guys at MotSaG brought us an epic drama… starring Eddie George?

George dons the toga to star in Julius Caesar, now playing at the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.

After retiring from the NFL, Eddie pursued his dream of becoming an actor. He worked with acting coaches to refine his skills and eventually landed the role of Caesar.

And, finally- The Buckeye Blog welcomed Urban and staff and regaled in the glory that was Indiana’s downfall-

Immediately after OSU scored its first basket, Matta’s point guard threw unsuspected pressure at Hulls, forcing a travel and immediately getting the raucous crowd into the game. Craft never eased up on the defensive intensity, even launching himself into the first few rows of the crowd at one point in an effort to retrieve a loose ball. In fact, the only thing I enjoyed more about the afternoon than watching Craft play defense was watching Gene Smith get heartily booed by the majority of the crowd as he took the microphone at halftime.

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow these great writers on twitter and tune into their sites for daily doses of Ohio State commentary… it’s not like you’re getting the TPS reports done anyway, right?

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