Buckeye Weekend Update: 6.16.12

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Since you’ll certainly be out doing awesome things for Dad this weekend, here’s a quick update of the happenings around Ohio State Athletics for Saturday and Sunday. Look at it this way; you can use this information for Father’s Day dinner conversation, when the monosyllabic grunts turn to awkward silence (or is that just in my family?).

Stoneburner, Mewhort plead guilty, suspension continues. Per the OSU athletic department and Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Doug Lesmerisis, Jake and Jack both plead guilty to lesser charges (disorderly conduct rather than obstructing official business”), which resulted in a fine of $299 and court costs.

Their sanctions don’t end there, though, as the University has announced that they will be removed from their athletic scholarships effective immediately, including their ability to train with their teammates this summer. In a statement released tonight, Coach Meyer said,

“We are disappointed with the decisions made recently by two of our football players. Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort will each be removed from athletic scholarship beginning with the summer term, and they will continue to be suspended from team activities until stipulations are successfully met. They will have an opportunity to return to the team in good standing following the summer session.”

While I have no doubt that they’ll be back in good standing at the end of the summer, I love the fact that this statement indicates that they need to earn their way back onto the team… that it’s a privilege, and not a given, even though both are anticipated starters for the fall campaign.

While you can argue that this response is pretty significant given the apparent pettiness of the offense, I think that this will go a long way toward setting the tone that Coach Meyer is looking for in Columbus. Given the ridiculous questions that some have asked about his ability to maintain discipline, this certainly is indicative of the expectations that wearing the scarlet and gray brings.

Goin’ Camping! Actually, to be more specific, “Camping Comes To Columbus”. Hmmm… a bit Soviet, no?

At any rate, this weekend’s event in the ‘Shoe is hosted by Next Level Nation- you can check out more about the event from Buckeye Grove here. Although not specifically an OSU event, you’ve got to think Mark Pantoni’s tweet from earlier might indicate that there’s an investment in the doin’s thereabouts.

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Ah, June… when thoughts turn to love and golf games.  Quiet week at tBBN- unless you count a bunch of Sith Lords moving in as something significant. Here’s some linkage that you may have missed…

Have a great weekend!

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