Silver Bullet Points- Post Mascot Mayhem

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Buckeye 411

  • Injury Report- The Donnie is out. We’ve got OHD on suicide watch, but Coach Tressel says that he’ll only be out for a number of weeks, so there’s hope we’ll see him by the time we get to the meat of the Buckeyes’ schedule. Dorian Bell is out, and Travis Howard is out, but not out enough to not be on the two deep. Carlos Hyde and Andrew Sweat are healthy enough to participate this week.
  • The Injury Report That Matters-

I saw Brutus over at the Block O event last night and asked him if he was going to be ready for Saturday, and he’s probable from an injury report standpoint.

  • Tress PressFlorida State transfer Dionte Allen is making an impact on Special Teams in practice. The Vest seemed to be pleased with the step that the Buckeyes took in the special teams game, but acknowledges that it’s not where it needs to be. He also seemed to be pleased with the running game, which seems to be at odds with what we’ve seen on Saturday. But, he’s the coach:
  • Award Winners- Moeller, Stoneburner, Adams, Homan received game awards, Kenny G, Dionte Allen, and Julian Vann received recognition for helping the team prepare for the Bobcats. Speaking of Moeller, here’s your “Tressel Komedy Klassic” of the week-

REPORTER:: He was sporting a lit bit of a mohawk today, I think he’s worn that from time to time.

COACH TRESSEL: Is that a mohawk? I think that was a fast shower. Yeah, a Moeller hawk, there you go. A fashion statement, Tyler probably doesn’t spend much time thinking about.


I talked to Dino this morning and he’s obviously very grateful that he had the great care right there and he was smart in that he wasn’t feeling right and he decided to go over and have it checked out, but he’s doing okay. And someone just asked on the Big Ten call about that and I think all of us know cognitively that you need to take care of yourself and this is a high stressful situation and all that, but you probably know it a little more clearly when it touches someone closer to you, and he’ll be out there on the sideline again, I’m not sure when, whenever it’s appropriate.

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