Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 3.24.12

Before we all get together to enjoy a little Orange Juice, here’s a look back at the week’s best from around the BBN

It was a week for getting things off your chest, and we had no better example than Scott’s open letter to the fans of the Bearkitties

Maybe we aren’t afraid to play you like you think. Maybe we just don’t want to waste our time. It was very clear who the best team on the court was Thursday night. And it wasn’t the one that was obnoxiously dragging out the inevitable in the final three minutes with a ridiculous display of unnecessary fouls.

As for Cincinnati, enjoy the view of the rest of the tournament from our shadow. It’s always going to be there.


Speaking of ranting at fans, Joe took it to Buckeye Nation this Friday for the way they treated senior Will Buford on that most eloquent of social media sites, twitter-

To be honest, I was so upset with how you handled this game that I didn’t want to finish writing this recap. What ever happened to rooting for and pulling for those in the Scarlet and Grey? Are we at a time in sports fandom where that doesn’t matter anymore?

In a game that the Buckeyes WON, Ohio State fans wiped their pride right off their sleeves. Instead, they took to every social media provider possible to rip one of the most celebrated players in school history.

Well Buckeye Nation, when it comes down to it – I hope you don’t choke on your words when the Buckeyes move onto the elite 8. Hopefully you swallow them down the stretch and think about what it means to say that a player is not part of Buckeye Nation.

…After a 20-6 run in the second half, to cut a 13 point deficit, everyone from Aaron Craft to Thad Matta was thrown under the bus.  When the Buckeyes responded with a 17-1 run to seal the ballgame, it was like nothing ever happened.

Also, we added yet another piece of swag to your wardrobe, guaranteed to make everyone around you swoon with joy

Disclaimer: tBBC is not responsible for anything that happens to you while wearing this gear, no matter how much it looks like one of those AXE commercials

Since we’re all about the brackets, MotSaG decided to do a bit of a sport jumble and create a playoff for the best plays of this year’s football season. That way you’ve got something pigskin related to do in the five days between now and Spring Practice.

Dave kept us football focused with another look at the 2013 recruiting process- this time, examining the prospects for the Offensive Line

The staff is far from satisfied, though. While they have stabilized a very messy situation for this upcoming season, they will be looking to add depth across the board, especially at offensive tackle.

Already on board in 2013 is Evan Lisle, who is arguably the best offensive lineman in Ohio. At 6-6 265 pounds, Urban Meyer and company already have a future offensive tackle slated in this class. They will likely look to add 2-3 more guys to join him before it’s all said it done. Let’s take a deeper look at who may fill those spots and who is on the staff’s radar currently.


After a bit of a hiatus, BHC came back strong with a story that we’re still in denial over- the forthcoming leap of DeShaun Thomas to the NBA:

Speculation has been rampant in the past month, as Deshaun Thomas has elevated the level of his game, that he’ll leave Columbus for more lucrative pastures in the NBA next season. A consensus has developed among Ohio State fans that Thomas leaves if Sullinger leaves too. It won’t be as simple as that. Sullinger has far more incentive to bolt than Thomas does. Thomas is just now refining his game. Another year with Thad Matta could turn him from a Tournament hero into a national star. It’s almost a given that his stock will go up. Simultaneously, Sullinger seems to have plateaued. He needs to get out while he can, because if he stays and doesn’t find a way to continue improving his game, his stock will only go down.

Last, but certainly not least, OHD added a few new voices to replace those scalawags who’ve jumped to greener pastures. Newbie Jeremy gave us his best overview of the win over UC in Friday’s Hive:

This win was sweeter than normal. I cannot stand Cincinnati basketball. I cannot stand that OSU won’t schedule the Bearcats on a regular basis, leading to the talk of “Oh, they’re just scared to lose to an in-state rival.” Well, hopefully last night puts some of that to rest.

At least until the results of tonight’s games are final, there are only three Ohio teams left in the bracket. And really, while it was cute and a source of pride for Ohioians, do we really care who the other teams alive from our fair state are if OSU isn’t one of them? I sure don’t.

Oh, and it might just me, but UC’s shorts looked like a pair of boxers you’d see in the $0.99 bin at Walmart. Horrid.


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