Midweek Football Update: Catching Up

The switch over to the new (old) site has set us back a little bit. So here are a bunch of links for your browsing pleasure.

The usual suspects check in once again with practice reports and various other updates.

First up, the practice reports.

Ken Gordon from the Dispatch has his usual notes from Tuesday’s practice.

The good folks over at ElevenWarriors.com were lucky enough to make some observations from Tuesday’s practice as well.

Finally, Tony Gerdeman from theozone.net continues their fantastic coverage of spring ball with his observations from Tuesday.

And for a summary of the summaries, Vico over at OurHonorDefend.com does a fantastic job breaking everything down and highlighting the most interesting bits.

At the end Vico talks a little bit about the recent stir concerning Ohio State ‘stealing’ Oregon’s signals in the Rose Bowl. Other folks have reported on this as well.

My thoughts? If Oregon is too stupid to disguise or change their offensive signals enough over the course of the season so that other teams can’t pick them up from watching game film, that is their problem. Also, what Vico said.

Everything else:

Ken Gordon  has a report on Duron Carter and his status this spring.

TheOzone.net has: an article on waiting your turn to play at Ohio State, Etienne Sabino and his progress this spring, Tressel Talks Pryor’s Spring Progress, and Sanzenbacher and his thoughts on the passing game.

Whew, TheOzone.net bringing it strong like usual.

ElevenWarriors.com has a transcript from the Big Ten spring teleconference (at least the Jim Tressel parts of it).

Finally, our very own Jeff Seemann checks in with a boatload of material from Fox Sports Ohio.

I think that about does it. Sorry if I missed anything. Hopefully now that the move is over we can stay on top of this a bit more and provide our loyal readers with some original material instead of just links.

Stay tuned!