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The next step for Andre Drummond

You would be excused for djoing something of a double take. Stan Van Gundy happened to pick the one team that is most poised to remake the most successful team of his coaching career. Sure, there is still some cleaning up to do (thank you, job security of being president of basketball operations). Josh Smith, […]

The 3-point magic number

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“If we were trying to get a sense for how stable three point percentage is after 100 attempts, a simple way to do it would be to randomly split the 100 shots into two samples of 50 and compare the percentage made in both samples. If it were stable, the percentage of makes in each sample should be similar. A better method would be to split the 100 shots into every permutation of two sample pairs of 50 and calculate the average correlation between the two pairs. This is what the Kuder-Richardson Formula 21 calculates. From here on I will refer to this number as the reliability. To find the point at which three-point shooting stabilizes we need to find out when the reliability crosses a certain threshold. A reliability of 0.7 seems to be the standard threshold used. After this point, the skill aspect will outweigh the noise.

“To gather a big enough sample of players with a sufficient number of attempts, I used the past seven season’s worth of three-point shooting data from and I found that after roughly 750 attempts the reliability crosses the 0.7 threshold.”

Darryl Blackport, Nylon Calculus

Spurs owner uses dump truck to take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Talk about upping the stakes!

You’ve seen people doing to Ice Bucket Challenge use normal, everyday buckets but you probably haven’t seen  someone get drenched with ice cold water like this.

Spurs owner Peter Holt decided he’d do his part to raise ALS awareness by doing the Ice Bucket Challenge but seeing how he owns a “Holt CAT,” a construction machine company, he used a freaking massive dump truck to pour water all over him and his business associates.

Check it out and see Holt pass the challenge on to the Spurs fans and the team he owns (h/t Project Spurs).

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Glen Taylor fires back at Kevin Love. Why?

Divorces are always nasty, even when they are necessary. Kevin Love has been largely quiet even as everyone knew he wanted out of Minnesota or that his talent needed to escape the wasteland that has become the Timberwolves — no Playoff appearances in the last decade speaks for itself. It was time for both the […]

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Learning the basketball. . . literally

When you are a new NBA player there are a lot of things to be concerned about. Can you handle the travel and pressure of the top level of basketball? Can you handle . . . the basketball? That is a serious question. Do you know what an actual, Spalding, official game-issue basketball feels like? […]

What’s the latest with the Spurs?

Bloguin’s own Project Spurs recently had a roundtable to discuss some of the bigger topics surrounding the NBA champs?

What about the hire and impact of Becky Hammon now an assistant coach? Will it be a distraction?

Boris Diaw Tiago Splitter and Aron Baynes are playing at the 2014 FIBA World Cup and should fans be worried about a possible injury?

The Spurs also have one roster spot left. What will they do with that open seat?

Check out Project Spurs as they break it all down for Spurs fans.


NBA video game wars are back on

You may not have noticed last year, but EA Sports’ NBA Live series did come back. Kyrie Irving was the cover athlete. It is OK if you did not notice. It was the first edition in NBA Live since the failed NBA Live 10 with Dwight Howard on the cover. The supposedly revolutionary NBA Elite […]


Ricky Rubio is hunting for the max

Ricky Rubio should be feeling pretty excited right now with the athletes coming onto what we can essentially call his team. The Spanish wunderkind too his sweet time getting to the United States, lighting up YouTube with great ball-handling and impressive passes. Teamed up with Kevin Love, he helped make plenty of highlights but not […]

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The summer of Klay Thompson

Stephen Curry deserves your attention. He is a great shooter — maybe the best shooter in the league. The Warriors have been feverishly trying to figure out how best to take advantage of Curry and his talents. Mark Jackson helped transform the Warriors into a solid defensive team with his deadly outside shooting, sometimes hiding […]

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Team USA makes final cuts

After Friday night’s blowout win over Puerto Rico at Madison Square Garden, Mike Krzyzewski and his coaching staff reportedly sat in a room to make a final decision of their 12-man roster before heading to Spain for one last friendly (against Slovenia on Tuesday) and then the beginning of the FIBA World Cup one week […]

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Mitch McGary makes his long road back

There was a dunk contest when the rookie got together a few weeks ago for their trading card photo shoots and rookie transition program. Each one challenged the next on Twitter to top their dunks. You had Andrew Wiggins challenging Zach LaVine challenging Aaron Gordon challenging Jabari Parker. The video was pretty entertaining and exciting […]

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Crunch time for Team USA

Following Wednesday’s blowout victory over Dominican Republic, there are still some rough edges around this Team USA that have to be figured out. Yes, the U.S. destroyed the Dominican Republic in a somewhat hostile crowd at Madison Square Garden, but the Americans were more talented and far deeper than their upcoming Group C opponents. Some […]

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Home has a bigger pull now

It was not too long ago that some intrepid blogger thought up what it would be like for teams only to have players from their designated areas. There was Kevin Durant on the Wizards, and LeBron James on the Cavaliers (things that could really happen), Derrick Rose on the Bulls (wait…) and Dwight Howard on […]