Oden Up and Running… For Now

If there’s anyone that might be sitting at home thinking, “Man, I hope this lockout keeps going,” it’s probably Greg Oden. With his Portland TrailBlazers out of action, he doesn’t have to answer questions like, “When are you going to play again?” and “Why did we waste our first overall pick on a guy made of glass when we could have had Kevin Durant?”

Oden has been rehabbing after surgery for 11 months now, and he’s got a few more to go, he probably won’t be able to play until January. He did post some good news on his Facebook page though: for the first time since his surgery, he can run!

In LA right now working out. I ran the other day for the first time in awhile. Felt good!

(We found this via Blazer’s Edge, but it seems to have been taken down now)

I guess when you run for the first time in almost a year, it’s a big deal, but it seems like it’s just a joke waiting to happen. “How many steps does it take before Greg Oden breaks something and he’s out for another two years?” “The only things certain in life are death, taxes and Greg Oden injuries.” I could probably go all day.

All joking aside, it really is a sad story. This is a guy that was supposed to change a franchise. Now the TrailBlazers have come on as contenders while he sits and watches in street clothes and a cast. Everyone wonders how good the Blazers could be with a healthy Greg Oden, it’s always a disappointment when we have to wait even longer to find out.