Knicks’ Anthony tops in best-selling jersey list

The Knicks are on a roll, winners of 12 in-a-row and look like they finally got all the pieces working at the right time with the playoffs looming. They via nba.comhave clinched a playoff spot and are averaging 104.6 points per game while holding opponents to 92.3 during this winning streak.

And although it is a team game, the Knicks are being led by Carmelo Anthony and his MVP play. 

He is currently averaging a whopping 27.9 points, 6.4 rebounds and shooting 44% enough to lead the Knicks to a 50-game winning season. 

Well to the victor comes the spoils, as Anthony's jersey is the top-selling individual jersey over LeBron James for the first time ever (via USA Today).

According to and sales figures from the NBA Store in New York City, here are the top-15 selling jerseys. Did you favorite player make the list?

1. Anthony, up from No. 4
2. James, who has been No. 1 three times
3. Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant
4. Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, who has been No. 1 six times
5. Chicago's Derrick Rose, who has not played this season
6. Brooklyn's Deron Williams
7. Miami's Dwyane Wade
8. Boston's Rajon Rondo
9. Clippers' Chris Paul
10. Clippers' Blake Griffin
11. Cleveland's Kyrie Irving, who is on the list for the first time and the only second-year player in the top 15
12. Lakers' Dwight Howard
13. Thunder's Russell Westbrook
14. Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire, who was not in the top 15 in the November list
15. Boston's Paul Pierce