Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 16

Ronald Martinze/Getty Images/ZimbioMemphis Grizzlies/Oklahoma City Thunder: Game 1

-       I think now we are going to see how much the Thunder will miss Russell Westbrook. They go from the Rockets, who play close to no defense, to the Grizzlies who have the best defense in the league.

-       Kevin Durant is the only one doing anything for OKC in the first. The rest of the team is 1 for 14 from the field, reminding us that for the Thunder to keep their postseason alive, someone else has to step up.

-       No baskets for anyone in the first two minutes. 16-14 after the first quarter. Maybe both teams are good at defense?

-       Once again, Kevin Martin got the memo — 15 points in the second quarter to take some pressure off Durant. Reggie Jackson helping out a good bit as well.

-       Forget what I said about defense — 63 points scored in the second quarter. Believe it or not, Durant did not have a field goal attempt.

-       Halftime adjustment edge goes to Lionel Hollins as the Grizzlies hop out to a double-digit lead. Hollins gets the advantage of coaching against (in my opinion) the two worst Western Conference playoff coaches in the first two rounds.

-       Quincy Pondexter with a sick shot to end the third. If Martin makes the free throw and the Thunder set up their defense, could have been a five-point game going into the fourth. Instead it is nine.


-       Apparently Pondexter’s shot did not demoralize the Thunder. They are out hot in the fourth and have closed it to two. This team is still full of scorers, even without Westbrook.

-       The Thunder have tied it at 84 down the stretch and the Grizzlies cannot seem to find a guy who wants to step up and score.

-       You know who the Thunder are going to to score.

-       Durant buries the pull-up jumper in transition to take the lead. Memphis cannot even get a shot off. Who is the crunch time defensive team?


-       You rarely see a ref that will step up and call a foul on a jump shot down the stretch. Great call, and then Pondexter misses the first free throw.

-       Great performance from OKC down the stretch to get Game 1 when it looked like it was getting out of their hands. Really impressive down the stretch, especially Kevin Durant, but we all expected that.

-       This goes to show that all the Thunder have to do is it keep it close into the fourth then Durant can take over and Memphis will have trouble finding someone to score. Should be a fun series though.

For Kyle's thoughts on the Pacers-Knicks game, click after the jump.

Elsa/Getty Images/ZimbioIndiana Pacers/New York Knicks: Game 1

-       Coming into this game in progress. Looks like it is a lot like the Thunder/Grizzlies game. Slow to start. What is funny is that none of these four teams should be “rusty,” they did not get a lot of time off.

-       They must have just been waiting for the game to be televised. The Knicks love the spotlight.

-       Sam Young not making a good argument for more postseason playing. He was only in for two minutes and had three turnovers and a foul that resulted in an “and-1.”

-       D.J. Augustin stepping up for the Pacers early on. Good day for former Longhorns (Hook ‘em!).

-       Tough luck for the Knicks as Paul George hits a three at the end of the half and J.R. Smith’s buzzer-beating attempt is just a little too late.

-       Pacers working hard to get a six-point lead at halftime. Doing a good job of keeping Carmelo Anthony subdued. They just need to lock down Raymond Felton. The Knicks need to do something to get their crowd involved. The rowdy New Yorkers have not had much to get excited about in the first half.

-       The Pacers are the prime example of team basketball. They are showing it today with six players in double figures through three quarters.

-       Pacers opening up a 16-point lead after three. Knicks fans are booing. I do not know a lot of people that get motivated by boos.

-       The Knicks cannot seem to make a run to get it close and the Pacers cannot seem to make a run to put the game away. Hovering around a 12-point game for a while.

-       Tough day for Tyson Chandler who does not contribute much and has to leave early after picking up his sixth foul.

-       Anthony keeps throwing up bricks down the stretch. It is like he does not want the Knicks to come back unless he can be a part of it.

-       Smith with a desperation three-pointer that does not fall. Anyone that decided to hold onto a little bit of hope and stick around MSG can now head for the exits.

-       With how well the Pacers have been playing at home, the Knicks really did not want to lose that game. If they cannot get it together in Game Two, they might be looking at a sweep.