Spurs’ Matt Bonner + beat boxing = awesome

Spurs forward Matt Bonner is known for his goofiness and all-around silliness. Case in point, this recent video of him beat boxing, and hanging with rappers as he eats wraps.

Yeah I should just shut up and just let you watch the video and all of its glory (h/t Project Spurs).


Lamar Odom and the greatest cup of coffee

Some guys get to the league and don’t get to stay very long. Some guys are Lamar Odom. In what might be perhaps the greatest cup of coffee in league history, the Knicks are preparing to sign Lamar Odom ahead of tonight’s game against the Nets to play in the final two games of the […]


The Suns playoff dreams set

One of the best stories in the NBA came to a shocking and disappointing close Monday night in Phoenix. In a battle that had a direct bearing on the eighth seed in the Western Conference, the final Playoff spot remaining to be set, the Suns fell short against a team they have struggled with all […]

Charlotte’s Douglas-Roberts with the game-winner

Things are looking up for the Bobcats. Not only are they in the postseason, they are enjoying much-needed success in the regular season too.

In the Cats recent game versus the Hawks, with the game on the line, Chris Douglas-Roberts nailed the game-winner with just seconds left on the game-clock.

Raptors’ DeRozan crushes Kyle Singler

R.I.P. Pistons’ Kyle Singler.

He had a great NBA career but Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan put an end to Singler’s career in Sunday’s game when he absolutely destroyed Singler with one thunderous dunk.


Playoff picture gets clearer

The Eastern Conference Playoff teams are set thanks to Atlanta’s surprise win over Miami on Saturday night. That officially eliminated the Knicks from Playoff contention — sending their lottery pick to the Nuggets who will likely send it to the Magic to complete an obligation in the Dwight Howard deal. Sucks to be New York. […]

Corey Brewer’s improbably 50-point game

Minnesota’s Corey Brewer is not exactly who you think of when you think of when you think of great scorers. Then again, Friday night shows that anyone can have a big game when he gets into a good rhythm and defenses refuse to play defense.

Brewer became the sixth player to eclipse 50 points this season — joining the likes of Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Terrence Ross this year. Brewer’s 51-point performance tied the Minnesota franchise high and set the Target Center abuzz. He made 19 of his 34 shots and took the majority of his shots right at the rim and in the paint.


Ever heard of defense Houston? Sixteen of his 19 shots came AT THE RIM!

And not shown on that shot chart was Brewer’s half-court buzzer-beater at the halftime horn. It was that kind of night for Mr. Brewer. He stole the headlines from Miami’s beatdown of Indiana in the Eastern Conference.

The crazy part of this game is that Brewer did not even become the hero. In a tie game, Gorgui Dieng was the one hitting a fadeaway jumper with a few seconds left to give the Wolves the feel-good 112-110 win.


Rockets come of age behind Dwight Howard

For the moment, Dwight Howard is on the bench nursing an ankle injury. He has not played since March 27 as Houston is more or less locked into the four seed in the Western Conference with a date against Portland or Golden State looming. This Rockets team seems to defy a lot of conventions. They […]

Steve Nash passes Mark Jackson on all-time NBA assist list

Congratulations goes out to Lakers’ Steve Nash as he passed former guard and current Warriors head coach Mark Jackson on the NBA’s All-Time Assist list.

Nash handed out his 10,335th assist of his career to move him to third on the assist leaders list. Nash passed to Jodie Meeks during the Lakers recent game versus the Rockets.

Kevin Durant’s scoring streak ends

Kevin Durant was on an incredible scoring pace — and still is — and has firmly cemented himself in the conversation for MVP. His resume will surely lead off with the line of: 41 straight games with 25 or more points, something not even Michael Jordan could do.

That is pretty easy way to start an MVP candidacy. Not that Durant needed some historical streak’s help to get there.

His streak came to an end Tuesday night as Durant scored a meager 23 points in the Thunder’s 15-point win over the Kings. He was a completely inefficient 8 for 13 from the floor that game. So clearly he has to go back to the drawing board with his entire game now that the streak is over.

In reality, the Thunder might be playing the best of any team in the NBA. In the past 35 games, the Thunder went 23-11 with Durant averaging 33.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game with a 57.9 percent effective field goal percentage.

Pretty obscene numbers no matter how you want to break it down. This guy is very very good. And he seems absolutely ready for the Playoffs to start.