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The Washington Wizards Made The Toronto Raptors Look Bad. They Also Remade Themselves.

The Washington Wizards didn’t make an adjustment in the first round of the NBA playoffs; they created an entirely new identity. During the regular season, all four of their lineups that saw over 100 minutes featured two big men in the group of Nene Hilario, Marcin Gortat, Kris Humphries, and Kevin Seraphin. Washington’s starting unit […]


The Kevin Love Injury Is A Powerful Argument For NBA Playoff Reform

If you were to ask 100 people in a room about the length of the NBA’s first-round playoff series, you’d get a reasonable number of responses advocating a return to the best-of-five format: Yes, it’s hard to deny that there’s something about the Kevin Love injury in a 3-0 series which makes it easy to […]

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Kevin Love’s Injury, J.R. Smith’s Punch, and the Absence of Ray Allen From The Playoffs: LeBron James Now Faces A Tougher Path To The Finals

Every life is different. Some lives acquire a linear quality — they steadily march forward, not necessarily without blemishes or problems, but in ways that enable individuals to move from one place or challenge to the next. For others, life takes on a circular nature — specific details might change, but larger patterns remain the […]


Warriors Save Best for Last in Sweeping Pelicans

Louis Armstrong might have sung, “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans,” but I don’t think the Golden State Warriors will spend any time longing for the days when Anthony Davis was between them and moving forward in the NBA playoffs. Still, after three games that seemed to be going in the […]


The Golden State Warriors: Not Losing To New Orleans, But Still Snoozing

You snooze, you lose… unless you’re the Golden State Warriors against the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The team with the NBA’s best record is about to reach the second round after a remarkable Game 3 escape. However, a clear pattern of regression coexists with the Warriors’ impending advancement […]


Thursday Became A Classic NBA Playoff Night, For Good And Bad Reasons

The one-game nature of NFL playoff football — how one day’s breaks and bounces affect a team’s postseason fate — gives the province of pigskin a constant unpredictability. The reality of playoff hockey reduces that sport to puck luck and the quality of the two goaltenders on a given day. The nature of playoff baseball […]


Raptors-Wizards: The Taming of Valanciunas, By Gortat and Nene

The Washington Wizards have done a lot of things right during their two-game obliteration of the Toronto Raptors. John Wall has been a monster in transition, picking apart Toronto’s defense en route to averaging 12.5 assists per game. With some beefy minutes totals, Otto Porter has emerged as a legitimate NBA player. Bradley Beal shook […]

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Mavs have one last gasp after Rick removes Rondo

Hit us up on Twitter @CrossoverNBA People discount locker room chemistry, or at least the power of non-terrible locker room chemistry. You don’t need to like, be friends with, or align with everyone in a locker room … but when one guy is the lynchpin for bringing down the whole joint, it becomes fatal. Obviously, […]