NBA: Houston Rockets at Minnesota Timberwolves

Corey Brewer is now firmly entrenched on the trade block

A month after first offering him up to other teams as a useful veteran, the Minnesota Timberwolves have put swingman Corey Brewer back on the trading block yet again as the team enters a rebuilding mode in the wake of star forward Kevin Love’s trade departure this offseason. Brewer, 28, isn’t a star by any […]

Chicago Bulls Vs. Boston Celtics At TD Garden

Stein: Boston and Dallas on track to complete Rondo trade tonight

After months, and months, and months of speculation as to whether or not the Boston Celtics would trade the last remaining piece of the core that won a NBA championship in 2008, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has reportedly finally found the right deal for Celtics’ point guard Rajon Rondo;

Jabari Parker meets Andrew Wiggins in Minneapolis very early in the season. Photo by Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

NBA injury culture and what Milwaukee will look like without Jabari Parker

Just last week on one of my favorite basketball podcasts, NBA After Dark, the Grantland co-hosts brought up media coverage of NBA injuries and the spectacle of mourning for wounded players. The discussion centered around DeMar DeRozan and the torn tendon in his groin — an injury that will keep him out for about a month — and how […]


Why do the Portland Trail Blazers not feel like contenders?

The Portland Trail Blazers (19-6) sit atop the Northwest Division in the Western Conference with the surging Oklahoma City Thunder (12-13) still seven games back in the race for homecourt advantage come playoff time, but why don’t the Blazers feel like serious contenders? On paper, the Blazers have quietly put together one of the deepest […]

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat

With Josh McRoberts expected to miss rest of season, Heat lose a key player

On Monday, news broke that Josh McRoberts—the Miami Heat’s second-biggest summer acquisition—tore his meniscus and was feared to miss the rest of the season. McRoberts, signed for four years and $23 million after a career year in Charlotte with the then-Bobcats, struggled to get into the lineup early this season due to nagging foot, back […]


George Karl to Sacramento?

With the Sacramento Kings parting ways with Michael Malone it seems that the city of Sacramento has fully committed to recruiting George Karl. In a Tweet Karl posted earlier this morning… My phone battery went from 100% to 50% from all these Twitter notifications….. — George Karl (@CoachKarl22)


What exactly is going on in Sacramento?

With the 2014-15 NBA season a fourth of the way completed, time is running out for head coaches leading underachieving squads, like, Monty Williams of the New Orleans Pelicans for instance, but essentially nobody expected the proverbial hourglass to be empty for Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Malone. But all the sand had reached the […]

Marco Belinelli in a rap video? Yes please!

He can knock down threes with ease and now it seems Spurs’ Marco Belinelli can also make great rap video cameos.

I do not speak Italian but from what I can gather from the video, Marco seems to be the center of attention of this song.

From his standing in the background bobbing his head, on the court taking shots at the rim to Belinelli lip syncing, this video has it all (h/t Project Spurs).


Video: Kobe Bryant unleashed!

Things are bad in L.A. And I mean reallllyyyy bad!

Aside from sitting at the bottom of the Pacific Division at 6-16, Kobe Bryant absolutely went on on teammates and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak including Kobe calling out Mitch for assembling a horrible roster in a recent practice session.

Check out Kobe ripping into his team and hear when he call out Kupchak right in front of the entire team! Poor Mitch. He just stood there and absolutely was berated by Bryant.


I get it. Frustration may have set in for the ultra competitive Bryant but come on Mamba! How is this tirade going to help the situation?

(h/t LBS)


The Pistons are really bad, and there’s no end in sight

It’s no secret that the Detroit Pistons have been a trainwreck for the past seasons as a casualty of a strangely constructed roster loaded with talent but lacking in any sort of basketball chemistry. That losing culture was supposed to change, at least somewhat, this season due to the team’s offseason hiring of veteran coach […]

Spurs’ “Awkward Dad Dance Cam” is awesome

What better way to embarrass children than to have their dad dance so awkward and have video of it being shown to over 15,000 people in an NBA arena.

Well that’s exactly what the Spurs did as they recently trotted out the “Awkward Dad Dance Cam,” and from the look of the video below, it is over-the-top awkward.

Imagine if this was YOUR dad shaking his booty in front of the masses. Ughhhh! Sit down dad! (more…)

Photo by Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James needs to brush up on British etiquette

Whoops! Recently, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, took in Cavs game and afterwards, got to meet the “King” himself, LeBron James. However, during a photo-op, James put his arm around Kate which apparently is something one doesn’t do overseas. In fact, it’s a huge breach of etiquette. Via Daily Mail: “Although I am […]

D-League’s Sim Bhullar has a personal block party in debut

At 7-5, one would think… no expect a basketball player to patrol the paint and block and shot attempt at or near the rim. Well that’s exactly what 7-5 Sim Bhullar did in his debut game for the D-League’s Reno Bighorns blocking a whopping 6 shots against the LA Defenders. Check out the video of […]