Inside the life of a Lakers Girl

Professional sports cheerleaders are very much in the news these days as former Raiders cheerleaders and other professional sports team cheerleaders are suing their former employers for restrictive, and sometimes ludicrous, demands.

This American Life decided to delve into the life of a professional team cheerleader and find out just how much control the teams have over the lives of cheerleaders and dance teams.

It turns out a lot.

Former Lakers Girl and current This American Life producer Robyn Semien detailed exactly what went in to being a Lakers girl. Some of it is strange — like do not drink out of water bottles in public — and there is a fine line between family friendly and near-erotica that these dance teams have to . . . dance around.

It is an interesting look into a strange, strange world.


LeBron James apologizes to neighbors with cupcakes

In the lead up to LeBron James’ decision to return to Cleveland, it was chaos in his suburban neighborhood. As it became clearer that James was seriously considering a return to Cleveland, fans flocked to his house in Bath, Ohio, to wait out James (who was not there) and celebrate or burn his image in […]

Photo by Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Team Canada responds to Jason Whitlock being ridiculous

Jason Whitlock likes grabbing headlines. He says some really dumb, stupid things and we pay attention because they are dumb and stupid. His latest pointless diatribe was against Andrew Wiggins and his being from Canada. Whitlock’s latest baseless, and completely bigoted, claim is that Wiggins “struggled” at Kansas because players from Canada do not want […]

The sickest crossovers from Summer League

When the site is called Crossover Chronicles, how appropriate it is to have a video all about… crossovers!

And seeing how the 2014 NBA Summer League is a wrap, it will be some time before NBA fans see any hardwood action. Unless you count the 2014 FIBA World Cup kicking off next month but I digress.

Feast your eyes on some of the sickest crossovers the Summer league gave us.

Photo by Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant approves of Lakers’ offseason

The Lakers had such dreams for the offseason. Even with Kobe Bryant coming off a season where he played all of six games before injuries to his knee forced him out for the remainder of the season. He still signed a two-year extension worth $48.5 million. That will tie the Lakers cap up somewhat to […]

J.R. Smith gets posterized at Drew League

When you are an NBA player, the last thing you would think is that an amateur player would get the best of you.

That was not the case for Knicks’ J.R. Smith at the Drew League.

While trying to stop a fast break, Smith went up for the block but was just a tad late and got posterized in the process.

Check it out.

Photo by Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry Eric and Greg, NBA free agency money drying up

Being a restricted free agent sucks. The last two major pieces of free agency this summer have been stuck in a holding pattern because of restricted free agency. Potential suitors have been scared off of Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe knowing full well the Pistons and Suns are likely to match any offer they would […]

Video: Awkward! Filipino TV show host ask James Harden if he’s going to marry any Filipino women

Houston’s James Harden is part of a team of NBA players who will be taking part in a charity event in Manila to help the Filipino men’s national squad get ready for the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain next month.

To promote the exhibition games set to kick off this week, Harden (along with a number of other NBA stars) was a guest on a Filipino TV show where one of the hosts asked Harden if he will be marrying any Filipino women while he is in town.

Talk about awkward!

Harden responded with a shaky, “No comment,” while the host simply laughed.

Check out the awkward moment (h/t Project Spurs) at the 4:00 point of the video below.

Charles Barkley can use some golf lessons

When Charles Barkley was lacing up his sneakers in the NBA, there was no doubt he was one of the greatest to ever play the game.

But when it comes to his golf game, well that’s a different story.

Barkley teed off at the Tahoe for the American Century Championship where he showed the world how NOT to play golf. You know, one-handed swings, the wrong form, and much more.

Check it out.

LeBron James’ effect on free agency

The whole NBA world stood still waiting for LeBron James to make his move.

When he finally decided to leave the Heat and return home to play for the Cavaliers, the whole NBA world seemed to turn on its head.

How do we know? Check out the graphic above from Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated. It cannot get any clearer than that . . . OK, maybe that is not so clear.


Photo by Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Thunder’s youth gains more experience in Summer League

The contenders are going through their yearly turnovers, looking to find themselves and continue their dominance over the league. They are watching the other teams make moves to get closer to what they have. The Spurs and Thunder have stayed relatively quiet this summer as the Heat went through major changes and the Pacers saw […]


Carmelo Anthony chooses money over wins. . . for now

LeBron James‘ decision about where to sign his contract for free agency was about making something right that was wrong. It was also about winning. He looked at the landscape of the Miami Heat and the health of Dwyane Wade and was not convinced he had a chance to win. Yes, winning in Cleveland was […]

Recapping Orlando Summer League with The Lottery Mafia

As Las Vegas Summer League begins to wrap up with its <ahem> playoffs, we will be bereft of basketball until late August when the FIBA World Cup begins in Spain.

A week ago, the Southwest Airlines Orlando Pro Summer League wrapped up with the Sixers winning the <ahem> championship.

I was covering the event and still have a lot coming up from Summer League to share with you all. For now, I recapped what I saw from the 10 teams that came to Orlando with James Plowright and Nick Denning of The Lottery Mafia on the latest edition of their podcast: