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Mitch McGary makes his long road back

There was a dunk contest when the rookie got together a few weeks ago for their trading card photo shoots and rookie transition program. Each one challenged the next on Twitter to top their dunks. You had Andrew Wiggins challenging Zach LaVine challenging Aaron Gordon challenging Jabari Parker. The video was pretty entertaining and exciting […]

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Crunch time for Team USA

Following Wednesday’s blowout victory over Dominican Republic, there are still some rough edges around this Team USA that have to be figured out. Yes, the U.S. destroyed the Dominican Republic in a somewhat hostile crowd at Madison Square Garden, but the Americans were more talented and far deeper than their upcoming Group C opponents. Some […]

Stephen Jackson takes aim at Donald Sterling, the KKK, and Ferguson unrest in new rap video

Unless you been sleeping under a rock, there has been plenty to talk about when it comes to racism in the United States.

From ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling to the riots in Ferguson, Mo., race in the U.S. is a hot topic and former NBA player Stephen Jackson is fed up.

He is fed up so much that he released a new rap music video unleashing on racism but targeting Sterling, the events unfolding in Ferguson and much more.

Jackson, who goes by “Stak5″, has released the video to “America Da Beautiful” to vent his frustrations.

Take a listen to Stephen’s new track but be warned, it is very NSFW!

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Home has a bigger pull now

It was not too long ago that some intrepid blogger thought up what it would be like for teams only to have players from their designated areas. There was Kevin Durant on the Wizards, and LeBron James on the Cavaliers (things that could really happen), Derrick Rose on the Bulls (wait…) and Dwight Howard on […]

Let LeBron James answer the biggest coaching connundrum

Coaches wonder all the time whether to go for the three and the tie or the quick two and foul.

As analytics seep more and more into coaching decisions, it is important we all understand just what the numbers say about these situations to inform ourselves. Coaches should at least.

A while back, LeBron James wanted that answer and so he and his foundation posed the question to the Khan Academy. They explained that answer in detail in the video above.


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Andrew Wiggins, you are in good company

Some of the trades in the NBA are amazing. Frankly, that is one of the reasons the NBA is so intriguing. The off-court action can be as active and interesting as the on-court action. It certainly makes July and August more interesting. More than any other sport, no contract is immovable and any player can get […]


The changing Kevin Durant

The marketing campaign around Kevin Durant the last few seasons has been around his niceness or lack thereof. Durant has always been a baby face. A mild-mannered, humble guy who is a lethal assassin with a basketball court without all the show-boaty, teammate-ruining glory of some of the other superstars player. He was a superstar […]

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FIBA World Cup News: De Colo out for Team France

As if Team France needed more bad news. On paper, Team France should be a power in international play. With a roster that boasts Tony Parker, Joakim Noah, Boris Diaw, Nando De Colo, Kevin Seraphin, Evan Fournier, Nicolas Batum, and Ian Mahinmi, France has it all. However, that is on paper. Heading into the 2014 FIBA […]


Ticket Demand For Cavaliers Road Games Higher Than In Cleveland

When LeBron James announced that he’d be returning to Cleveland to after four years with the Miami Heat, the basketball world was immediately turned upside down.  The Cavs, who had not made the playoffs in the four years since his departure, became instant favorites to win the NBA championship.  The Heat, who had for years […]

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Five teams poised for a Suns-like surprise

Every year in the NBA, some team proves the experts wrong and becomes the darling of basketball heads that buy League Pass the year long. Teams that were supposed to be tanking suddenly become playoff contenders and, while they rarely compete to win a championship, they become darlings for trying so hard just to reach […]

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10 games we CANNOT wait for

The NBA released its 2014-15 schedule Wednesday getting us officially super excited for the 2015 season. Is it October yet? No? Dang. Two months just seems like too long a time to wait. Especially with so many games to look forward to. This season is just going to be way too much fun. Seriously, is […]


A raw deal for John Wall

To hear some of the criticism and lack of accolades heading John Wall, makes you think he is not one of the growing young stars in the league. The former top overall pick was recently cut from the guard-heavy U.S. Basketball Team which was not a humongous surprise considering teams can zone and Wall is still […]

Spurs’ Belinelli isn’t messing around with his offseason training. Pulls an SUV with ropes!

San Antonio Spurs’ Marco Belinelli is either training for the next summer Olympics or he really wants to report to training camp in shape.

I would say he really wants to come into next season in great shape and he is getting there by pulling an SUV.

Yeah you read that right, Belinelli is pulling an SUV as part of his offseason regiment.

Don’t believe me? Check out Marco doing some serious training (via Project Spurs). Talk about motivation to get up off the couch and run a few laps.

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Anyone want to hear Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis rap?

File this under signs of the apocalypse. Apparently there is a rap album titled “Full Court Press Vol. 1″ which features several NBA players doing what they should not be doing — thinking they are rap stars. Players such as Shawn Marion, Carlos Boozer, Iman Shumpert, Juwan Howard, Glen Davis and others will be lending their voice […]