Craig Sager has leukemia

In shocking news for the NBA family, Craig Sager’s son announced on Twitter that his father will undergo treatment for acute leukemia int he next 3-4 weeks. He is expected to miss the entire postseason. This is a huge loss for the NBA family as Sager has always brought his own style — both in […]

melo knicks

Knicks win the 2013-14 Championship Belt

Yes, the Knicks missed the Playoffs. Yes, their season was a complete mess and total disaster. Yes, there is nothing positive about their season. Except this. The New York Knicks won the 2013-14 Championship Belt. What is the Championship Belt? It is the simple idea, borrowed from professional wrestling and boxing, that to be the […]

Brooklyn Nets vs Miami Heat

The Nets on a collison course with the Heat in the playoffs?

The NBA’s regular season ended last night, setting all 16 of the Eastern and Western Conference’s playoff matchups in stone. Seedings and first round opponents are all decided. The Brooklyn Nets, the NBA team to see the most roster turnover this offseason, fell to the No. 6 seed in the East with a regular season-ending […]

Shaq smashes Brent Barry’s guitar for no apparent reason

It’s not like the fellas over at TNT’s Inside the NBA need more attention to garner more viewers. The show is a hit with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaq and Kenny Smith.

But in true fashion, they delivered a hit with a skit having Shaq smash Brent Barry’s guitar for no apparent reason.

Check out Shaq smashing a guitar while singing some of the 80′s greatest hits.

Kobe Bryant already on vacation

Reportedly, Bryant is already in France enjoying his summer vacation. After tonight, about half the league will officially join him on vacation too and doing the same thing as Kobe. Minus the Buss family and Lakers “mystique.”

Portlandia cheers up the Blazers

On last week’s episode of the IFC show Portlandia, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein visited the Trail Blazers locker room to try to cheer the team up after a loss.

We are all women… except Damian Lillard.

Spurs’ Matt Bonner + beat boxing = awesome

Spurs forward Matt Bonner is known for his goofiness and all-around silliness. Case in point, this recent video of him beat boxing, and hanging with rappers as he eats wraps.

Yeah I should just shut up and just let you watch the video and all of its glory (h/t Project Spurs).


Lamar Odom and the greatest cup of coffee

Some guys get to the league and don’t get to stay very long. Some guys are Lamar Odom. In what might be perhaps the greatest cup of coffee in league history, the Knicks are preparing to sign Lamar Odom ahead of tonight’s game against the Nets to play in the final two games of the […]


The Suns playoff dreams set

One of the best stories in the NBA came to a shocking and disappointing close Monday night in Phoenix. In a battle that had a direct bearing on the eighth seed in the Western Conference, the final Playoff spot remaining to be set, the Suns fell short against a team they have struggled with all […]

Charlotte’s Douglas-Roberts with the game-winner

Things are looking up for the Bobcats. Not only are they in the postseason, they are enjoying much-needed success in the regular season too.

In the Cats recent game versus the Hawks, with the game on the line, Chris Douglas-Roberts nailed the game-winner with just seconds left on the game-clock.

Raptors’ DeRozan crushes Kyle Singler

R.I.P. Pistons’ Kyle Singler.

He had a great NBA career but Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan put an end to Singler’s career in Sunday’s game when he absolutely destroyed Singler with one thunderous dunk.


Playoff picture gets clearer

The Eastern Conference Playoff teams are set thanks to Atlanta’s surprise win over Miami on Saturday night. That officially eliminated the Knicks from Playoff contention — sending their lottery pick to the Nuggets who will likely send it to the Magic to complete an obligation in the Dwight Howard deal. Sucks to be New York. […]