Russell Westbrook returns for Thunder

Russell Westbrook has been out since late October with a broken wrist. The Thunder have understandably struggled since then. A sight for sore eyes to see the Thunder’s all-star point guard back in the lineup.

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LeBron James takes control of the Cavaliers

The Cavaliers were in the dumps. A four-game losing streak and questions about their offense and defense and everything. This was not how things were supposed to go. James came forward and said he had to be better. It was him that needed to improve and be better. A better leader. All that was to […]

NBA fan quits day job to attend all 82 Knicks regular season games

What would you do if you really loved your favorite NBA team? Paint your face at a game? Sure! Buy all sorts of your favorite team’s gear? Of course!

How about quitting your day job to attend all 82 regular season games?

Well that is exactly what one Knicks super fan did!

After being unhappy as a lawyer in New York City, and finding out he was on the verge of being fired, this Knicks fan began the odyssey to follow his team.

This Knicks fan spoke with NBA Radio on Sirius XM about his commitment to be at every Knicks game (home and away) and admitted he appreciates the travel NBA players have to endure.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Portland Trail Blazers

Toronto might have the best fanbase…or maybe they don’t

Toronto has the best fanbase in the NBA, at least according to the numbers. The Raptors have the highest home game attendance in the league right now with the Portland Trailblazers, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks and Miami Heat in that order. However, we all know that is not the order of the best fanbases in the […]

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DeMarcus Cousins wins this round vs. Anthony Davis

In this week’s MVP rankings, DeMarcus Cousins pulls ahead. It was just a week ago that Anthony Davis and Cousins combined for 52 points — 28 for Davis and 24 for Cousins. These are your two front runners for MVP. Their teams are not necessarily considered Playoff teams.

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Actual NBA players actually believe Kentucky could beat 76ers

Last week, Kentucky unleashed its talent on an unsuspecting basketball public. Playing on national TV against Kansas at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in front of a host of NBA scouts and executives the Kentucky monolith — featuring likely Lottery picks for next year Karl Towns, Willie Cauley-Stein, Dakari Johnson and Andrew Harrison — the squad of […]

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In a world of Boogie and Brow, what about Marc Gasol?

The early season storyline for big men has been Anthony Davis this and DeMarcus Cousins that. Sure, LeBron James and Chris Paul are still part of the MVP conversation. Kevin Durant has not gotten started and Derrick Rose has had his false starts. Davis and Cousins are it — the guys that have blown everyone […]

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Why can’t the Pelicans play defense?

Anthony Davis is a stud in the NBA. Its next rising star. Everyone sees this. Everyone sees his soaring blocks and monstrous numbers. His dynamic offensive game that is a mix of speed, size and power with finesse around the rim and an underrated, improving jumper. This is a dominant player in the making that […]

Kyle Lowry parlayed a near All-Star year into a nice long-term contract with the Raptors. Photo by John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The early list for All-Star sleepers

It is never too early to start thinking about the All-Star game and who might make it. There are going to be the guys you expect like Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Kevin Love and . . . you get the idea. Well, what about the guys who are playing well, but get no love? […]

Detroit Pistons v Indiana Pacers

Remembering the Malice at the Palace 10 years later

It was around this time a decade ago that the worst fight in NBA history broke out. It was November 19, 2004 to be exact and it as a day that will not be easily forgotten. It is the reason you see so much security at NBA games and the reason that officers are on the […]

The Malice at the Palace . . . 10 years later

“I don’t think people in the league office ever thought that would happen. Ever since then, they’ve done their best to educate the fans and the players. More than that, they beefed up security. It would be very difficult for that to happen.

“I said it to a few people but, fans and players have to understand, fans especially, they’re playing and you’re watching for a reason. They have no business being in the crowd and you have no business being on the court.”

Pistons play-by-play announcer George Blaha as told to Vincent Goodwill, Jr. of The Detroit News

The fateful moment between the Pacers and Pistons occurred 10 years ago Wednesday.