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Could Keith Bogans help the Cavs land Roy Hibbert?

There have been a number of innocuous trades and roster moves as training camps get set to start. Nothing major. No James Harden trade to wake us up before the season starts or clue us into any master plans. Just minor things. Like whenKeith Bogans was shipped from Boston to Cleveland for the non-guaranteed contracts […]


Deron Williams and Kobe Bryant engage in an unlikely war of words

It is no secret Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets has not been all that great in the past few seasons. He was consistently one of the few best point guards in the NBA throughout his time in Utah, and after a decent start with New Jersey/Brooklyn, injuries have claimed a lot of his productivity. So it is […]

Warriors’ new jerseys look like their new stadium

Hey, it is a new NBA season and we get new jerseys right? The Pelicans unveiled their red alternates. The Warriors are next up with their new black sleeved jerseys.

And since their latest unveil did not exactly circle the drain of positive public opinion cleanly . . .

This one took up a similar criticism:


Golden State Warriors Introduce Steve Kerr

Rookie coach highlights and predictions

Every year there are new rookies in the league. But I am going to talk to you about the rookie head coaches. There seems to be a fair amount of them this season and they all enter into different team situations. So I thought it would be fun to explore what might happen to them this […]

In a game of H.O.R.S.E. vs. Manu Ginobili, you will lose

Spurs’ Manu Ginobili is know for hitting impossible shots.

From clutch-deep three’s to circus shots when driving in the lane, Manu has made the impossible look possible.

And then there’s this shot from Manu from a commercial in his home country of Argentina.

First he has a CGI basketball to start the commercial but no CGI is needed when a real basketball is in Manu’s hands and he nails a behind-the-back shot no where near the basket (h/t Project Spurs).

Anyone want to challenge Manu to a game of H.O.R.S.E.?

LeBron James opens up about race controversies with CNN

LeBron James is the standard bearer in the NBA right now as the league’s best player. Unlike Michael Jordan, who subscribed to the “Republicans also buy shoes” attitude of social activism as an athlete, James has not been afraid to let his voice be heard as a prominent person in society. He has tried to use his celebrity for some type of activism and social awareness.

James gave an interview to CNN’s Rachel Nichols and discussed several controversial issues in the sports world.

He spoke about the racial controversies in the NBA today, including his relationship with former Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry. He also spoke about how he discussed the Ray Rice and the domestic violence controversies in the NFL with his two sons.

[David Astramskas, Ball Is Life]

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Rajon Rondo breaks hand in shower

Well, we have our first injury of the season. And it is a weird one. The Celtics announced Rajon Rondo had to undergo surgery to repair a broken hand and will be out 6-8 weeks. Meaning he is likely out until just before Thanksgiving. How did he break his hand? Well, kind of a funny […]

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Wizards and Cavaliers Primed for four regular season matchups

The Washington Wizards are a fringe playoff team no more. The Wizards finally catapulted themselves into the playoff conversation for good last year, as John Wall and company won their first round playoff series and even gave the Indiana Pacers a solid fight in round two. After adding veteran presence Paul Pierce in free agency […]

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Who are the NBA’s fighters?

LeBron James was the toast of the NBA this summer, shaping the league by his second decision. Fellow draft classmates Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh shaped the NBA in their image too with their free agent decisions the last five years. The league was changed forever by the 2003 Draft Class. And then […]

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Still something to love about Timberwolves

It is better to have loved Love than to have never loved Love at all. Of course, it is a lot harder for more than five million Minnesotans to rest peacefully at night knowing their beloved Timberwolves, who have not been to the playoffs since 2004, are back on track to defend their title of longest post-season drought. […]

How Blake Griffin researched Donald Sterling, the racist


Were you aware of Donald Sterling’s reputation then?
When the draft lottery came out and the Clippers said they were gonna draft me, I went to Google to find out more about the Clippers, because I didn’t know a lot. And I was like, “Okay, team owned by Donald Sterling.” So then I typed in “Donald Sterling” in Google, and the first thing that pops up is “Donald Sterling racist.” And I was like, “Whoa!” So obviously I explored that, read a whole bunch of articles, read the deposition at one of his court cases. Which was awesome, if you ever have time to read some of the depositions. [laughs]

Is it true that he would bring women in to the locker room to watch players shower?
He would bring them in the locker room. Guys would be in there. The showers are kind of elsewhere. I don’t think they would really go back there. But he would bring people in the locker room while we were just in towels. One year he came in and led a “hip hip hooray” chant and held my arm up in the air. Then he went to another teammate and did the same thing. Guys just started scattering as fast as possible. [laughs]

Blake Griffin to Zach Baron of GQ