Florida’s Muschamp takes swipe at Urban to open SEC Media Days

Muschamp takes media questions, doesn't pull punches at 2013 SEC Media Days
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Over the past five years or so the SEC Media Days have gone from interesting and quirky to flat out ridiculous. It's also given the media exactly what they want – juicy quotes we can all dissect. However, on Tuesday as Florida took their turn at the 2013 SEC Media Days it was the battle of current vs. ex Gator head coaches that took center stage. Or as you and I would know it, Will Muschamp vs. Urban Meyer.

It's safe to say there's little love lost these days between the two, you know with "Ohio," as Muschamp put it, turning in one of his coaches for a perceived bump violation that never got legs with the NCAA. He certainly didn't pull any punches when asked about that situation. 

Yikes, that type of stuff is usually saved for the likes of Brady Hoke or Brett Bielema, not a set of coaches who both have called UF home in the past half a decade. He's not bitter or anything, right? You've got to admire the memory Muschamp has as well, after all we're all lead to believe that coaches are so narrowly focused they often times don't know what is going on outside of the walls around them – unless there's a reason to and Meyer gave him that opportunity.

Of course, I'd be bitter to if that "violation" reported cost me a chance at four-star recruit and gave the Buckeyes a major advantage along the way to being named in the kids top five schools recently. 

Meyer may be physically in Big Ten country, but he's clearly left is mind back in SEC territory where this kind of underhanded tactic is to be expected. 

However, Muschamp wasn't done taking a swipe at the ex-Gators head coach either. Except the second time things were a bit more of the veiled variety. He was asked about coaches responsibility for players off the field activities and he replied back in a manner that clearly separates himself from Urbs. 

"Well, you’re 100% responsible…." said Muschamp. "But you’re a hundred percent responsible for the young man. Everything that happens."

"I can’t possibly know everything that happens every single night with our football team. You also can’t stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is okay either."

Gee, can't imagine what he meant or who he was talking about when talking about "sticking your head in the sand." You know, given the history of Muschamp kicking off problem children like Janoris Jenkins and all the cleaning up of the roster he did when coming on board. 

Safe to say these two guys won't be buying each other dinner and drinks anytime soon and just think, this is just day one of the SEC Media Days circus!

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