Michigan State dummy pranks coaches and players

College football training camps generally require college players to arrive to the football facility early in the morning. It is in these early hours that players may be most vulnerable to some good old-fashioned hijinks. Just ask Michigan State.

The unsuspecting Spartans were greeted by what appeared to be a simple mannequin dressed in football attire to be used for the 2013 season, but it was really student Garrett Briningstool (any relation to former Spartans linebacker Tony Briningstool?) posing and awaiting for the right moment to surprise members of the Michigan State coaching staff and players. Because trying to give Mark Dantonio a heart attack sounds like a great idea, right?

Fortunately Dantonio got a big laugh out of it all. So did quarterback Andrew Maxwell and a number of others. But stay tuned for defensive tackle David Fennell, who nearly goes in to attack mode.


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