New era, new uniforms for Cal

We've seen this countless times – a new coach begets new uniforms and a new look for the team. You know, out with the old and in with the new type psychology stuff. Well, not exactly 100% the case at Cal, the Sonny Dykes era will nonetheless get off to a start with a whole new look. 

Cal will still keep the "Cal" script as it's primary logo, but the one you see above is the new and more "fierce" looking Cal bear. It's all part of the University of California making a change to all of it's marks for all of it's programs. 

On the football field the team may not look a ton different, but one thing that will be different to say the least will be a new gray look for the team:

Here are the other looks as well:

The biggest changes come in the form of adding the new bear logo to the uniforms: 

If the new look helps with a clean slate, coach Sonny Dykes could well be off to a flying start for his #BearRaid.

Andrew Coppens

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