Spurrier doesn’t disappoint at SEC Media Days again

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If there's a more entertaining and controversial head coach at SEC Media Days than South Carolina's Steve Spurrier than I'd love for you to point that guy out. Spurrier has had is classic moments and on Tuesday he did it again, taking on Notre Dame, the ACC, paying players and his star player running a 4.4 40 yard dash. 

Spurrier's ability to just give you what's on his mind reared it's glorious head as he told Notre Dame where to stick it's independence in football: 

Never mind the sheer arrogance of an entire conference telling a team not in it's conference what it should or shouldn't do, right? Good gosh.

Of course he wasn't done there, dropping this gem on us: 

and then for the tri-fecta…. Jadeavon Clowney's legend continues to grow. Not only can he hit really, really, RIDICULOUSLY hard, he can also run RIDICULOUSLY fast too…. As in a reported 4.4 40 yard dash that Clowney ran at a recent workout in front of the strength and conditioning staff. 

Finally, for the exacta Spurrier wants to pay players $300 for each game they play. 

Yes, of course we all know that that is likely a pay cut for some players, but an increase for others. How dare those rich players not sacrifice more for the betterment of every player in the SEC, right? Who knew players weren't being paid in the SEC anyway…. Thanks for clarifying that one Spurrier. 

Also, thanks for continuing to be awesomely entertaining… Keep on keeping on 'ole ball coach.

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