Top 2013 Linebacker Thomas will stay at FSU after all

See, there was a reason for the question mark at the end of our headline earlier this week when talking about one of the nation's top 2013 linebackers, Matthew Thomas, and his rumored move to USC. That's because earlier today Thomas released a statement stating his intention to stay a member of the Seminoles football team after all.

"After meeting with coach Fisher and his staff and gathering all the information I have decided to honor my commitment to Florida State," Thomas said in a statement released to Warchant.com. "I also want to be close to my family and I want be part of what they are building at Florida State. I'm looking forward to winning games at Florida State and building towards my future."

Um, ya…. So, for those of you not paying attention there are one of three things that most likely happened to keep Thomas in the FSU camp. 

- Thomas was told by Jimbo Fischer that he wouldn't let him out of his commitment and if he wanted to go then he'd face the penalties that Eddie Vanderdoes will face.

- He truly wanted to be a member of the Seminoles all along and finally stood up for what he wanted to do.

- The talk by his dad of the move to USC was all about playing out some sick melodrama between Thomas' mother and him because they clearly don't get along. 

Personally, I sure hope that options 1 and 2 above are the ones that likely played out because the final option is just sad. While it is sad, it is also all too common these days for parents who see their "5-star" kids as some sort of pawn to get rich off of NFL money or whatever fame college can bring their kid and thus themselves. 

This whole saga is simply a sad affair and a sad statement on how much parents can influence and control a decision that should be all about their children's best interest, but has more and more become about themselves. It's a trend that unfortunately is getting to become almost routine and doesn't appear to be stopping any time soon. 


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