CBR Quiz: How well do you know your college football recruits?

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The interest in college football recruiting and National Signing Day has grown exponentially in recent years.  ESPNU will have over 10 hours of coverage alone throughout the day and over a dozen players will announce the school of their choice live on national television.  Recruiting is truly an untamed animal.  Evaluating thousands of high school football players from all across the country is a nearly impossible task and the list of 5 star flameouts and 2 star All Pros are equally impressive.  

Nevertheless, today on National Signing Day college football fans will talk themselves into whatever recruits their team will sign as the building blocks to a future championship run.  They will populate sports talk radio, message boards, and social media about "diamonds in the rough" and "high ceilings" and fawn over their coaches being the only ones able to close the deal.

But how well do you really know the college football recruiting realm?  With National Signing Day upon us, we're giving you the chance to prove your mettle as a real diehard college football recruiting fan and not one of those johnny come lately fans that only show up on National Signing Day to talk a big game.

Below are a list of 25 names.  They are either college football recruits or… members of the British House of Commons.  Who doesn't love watching that on C-SPAN?  Many of the college football recruits come from the Rivals Top 250 itself, so if you're a true recruiting afficionado, you should have no problem with this quiz.  Answers are after the jump.

1) Leonard Fournette 2) John Smith 3) Richard Bacon 4) Solomon Thomas 5) William Cash 6) Zaycoven Henderson 7) Nigel Evans 8) Damian Prince 9) Fabian Hamilton 10) Olajuwon Tucker 11) Jonathan Lord 12) Nick Chubb 13) Guy Opperman 14) Jacob Rees-Mogg 15) Dylan Sumner-Gardner 16) Thaddeus Snodgrass 17) Chris Skidmore 18) Justice Hansen 19) Chuka Umunna 20) David Davies 21) Gerald Willis III 22) David Cornwell 23) John Woodcock 24) Wonderful Terry 25) David Cameron

Answers Below…


1) Leonard Fournette – #4 Ranked Recruit, Committed to LSU

2) John Smith – #24 Ranked Recruit, uncommitted

3) Richard Bacon – British Parliament, South Norfolk

4) Solomon Thomas – #37 Ranked Recruit, Committed to Stanford

5) William Cash – British Parliament, Stone

6) Zaycoven Henderson – #190 Ranked Recruit, Committed to Texas A&M

7) Nigel Evans – British Parliament, Ribble Valley

8) Damian Prince – #20 Ranked Recruit, uncomitted

9) Fabian Hamilton – British Parliament, Leeds North East

10) Olajuwon Tucker – #228 Ranked Recruit, Committed to USC

11) Jonathan Lord – British Parliament, Woking

12) Nick Chubb – #35 Ranked Recruit, Committed to Georgia

13) Guy Opperman – British Parliament, Hexham

14) Jacob Rees-Mogg – British Parliament, North East Somerset

15) Dylan Sumner-Gardner – #54 Ranked Recruit, Committed to Boise State

16) Thaddeus Snodgrass – College Football Recruit, Committed to Kentucky

17) Chris Skidmore – British Parliament, Kingswood

18) Justice Hansen – #140 Ranked Recruit, Committed to Oklahoma

19) Chuka Umunna – British Parliament, Streatham

20) David Davies – British Parliament, Monmouth Raymond Crochet – College Football Recruit, uncommitted

21) Gerald Willis III – #83 Ranked Recruit, Committed to Florida

22) David Cornwell – #104 Ranked Recruit, Committed to Alabama

23) John Woodcock – British Parliament, Barrow and Furness

24) Wonderful Terry – College Football Recruit, Committed to Western Kentucky

25) David Cameron – British Prime MInister, you better have gotten at least this one correct


25-24 Correct - ***** recruit. Nick Saban is showing up at your door and ran over Urban Meyer in your driveway to get there.

23-20 Correct – **** recruit. Mack Brown wanted you to play safety, but you'll prove him wrong.

19-16 Correct – *** recruit. Who doesn't love some MACtion?

15-11 Correct – ** recruit. Hey, D-III isn't so bad.  That's where the real student-athletes are!

10-0 Correct - * recruit. Maybe you should stick to C-Span.

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