The Poker Game and Its Variants

Since 1829, poker has been played in various setups, and today the game has expanded to online platforms. Records show that poker was first played in New Orleans where players used a deck with twenty cards. At this time, only four participants were allowed per game. In 1850, players started using 52 cards on the deck, and since then, the game has rapidly developed into the most popular gambling activity today. The emergence of casinos and gambling sites have led to many variants of the poker game most of which were established in 1900 in the US. Some of the most popular variants of the game include:


This variant is termed as the oldest to ever exist on the gambling platform. It works by allowing a whole hand dealt with each player. The first round of this game will enable players to change bets by either increasing or re-raising them. This type was later designed into more advanced forms such as Primero and three-card brag.

Draw Poker

This type uses five card hands as compared to the three card hands straight variant. This type of poker variant applies different play methodologies as players place their wagers after a complete hand is dealt. Players can also change their hands by discarding unwanted cards currently in hand and then coping with new hands. More developments have been made to create improved types of this variant such as California lowball, Kansas City lowball, Gardena jackpots, Baduci, and Badugi among others.

Stud Poker

This variant comes in second behind straight as the oldest type of poker game. Rules in this type state that a hand is dealt in a combination already arranged. Such combinations include face-up, face-down, or streets around. The most common types in this variant are the seven-card stud and the five-stud card. Other related types include the six-card stud, Caribbean stud, Mexican stud, Razz, Mississipi stud, and Kentrel.

Community Card Poker

Crafted from its name, this variant applies the use of face-up community cards that can be shared among the players. They are also dealt at the center of the table during gambling. This game is a basic variant of stud poker. However, players in this game are dealt with incomplete hands that are mixed with community cards. This consequently creates a complete hand. Some good examples of this game include Manila, Pineapple hold ’em, and Omaha hold ’em.

Other variants you can find in significant casinos include Strip poker which uses the usual gambling rules, but players have to undress if they lose a bet. Five-O poker is another variant that involves two players who must continuously play five cards.

The types of poker games described above are prevalent in many gambling casinos. However many people today have switched to online poker. For example, poker online indonesia is growing at fast rates. Many people find online poker more efficient than walking in a brick-wall casino.

They can gamble at the comfort of their homes using smartphones or computers. Online poker has many advantages including highly convenient, low rake, and ability to take notes from your opponents instantly. Online platforms also provide endless game options you can choose. Why waste your time and energy looking for a real casino to play your favourite poker game?