Iggy Azalea caught Nick Young cheating on house’s security camera

The Iggy Azalea-Nick Young saga keeps taking wild twists and turns.

Remember when Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell secretly taped Young, who at the time was apparently talking about cheating on the rapper and the globe blew up, mostly angry at Russell for “snitching?”

Turns out Young might have got caught on another tape.

Azalea posted this Tweet:

Things snowballed from there.

According to Andrew Joseph of USA Today, the two are no longer together. According to Life & Style Weekly, Young and an ex-girlfriend are expecting a second child.

Got all that?

Look, this isn’t the most important sports story in the world, but it’s quite interesting to wonder how this personal—and very public—split will impact the Lakers. Remember, Young is still on the Lakers and took offense to a recent commercial by Russell, as seen in this sequence of events:

Young and Russell are still teammates and will need to work through this if the Lakers don’t make a move. How any team could justify making a move for Young, though, is hard to say. Remember, these Lakers are the team hoping to complete a rebuild this offseason by signing someone such as Kevin Durant.

Young has yet to comment on these latest details, just as the Lakers have yet to take any steps toward perhaps defusing a  budding situation. Stay tuned.

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