Thunder fan leaves ‘Coward For Sale’ sign in Kevin Durant’s front yard

Oklahoma City Thunder fans aren’t too thrilled with Kevin Durant choosing to leave the city and team to join the Golden State Warriors.

Such is the anger around the city that one fan even apparently took to Durant’s front yard to leave a message.

Landry Locker captured the rant:

That’s Big Rich, of OKC’s Pink Parrot Cantina, dropping a sign in KD’s front yard, dishing on how the city feels and leaving Durant jerseys on the man’s doorstep (hey, it’s somewhat safer than burning them).

That’s one way to spend the holiday.

The sting of Durant’s departure won’t go away anytime soon, not after Durant spit out a brief essay on the Players’ Tribune about why he unexpectedly decided to leave the Thunder, a move rivaling LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This would have stung either way, but it doesn’t help Durant joined the team that bested him in the Western Conference Finals, as Big Rich pointed out in the video.

This is just the beginning of the Durant backlash.


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