Five reasons to watch Impact Wrestling

Recently, TNA Impact Wrestling moved from Spike TV to Destination American. I thought this would be a good chance to give them another shot. TNA has never been one of my favorite wrestling federation’s to watch but they’ve always had good talent, they just haven’t had the best track record of using that talent. Over the last year they’ve let three guys go that I think really had a positive impact on their show in AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bully Ray. Despite that, I’ve made it a point to watch them since they’ve moved to their new home and while I would still take Lucha Underground, ROH and WWE over their show, they do have some positives. With that, here are five reasons to give Impact Wrestling a shot if you are looking for an alternative…

1- Diverse Roster

TNA offers a very diverse roster. In the past, they’ve been a slave to WWE re-treads and while they still have some (and yes, one is their champ) they have a good mix of talent.

WWE known commodities: Kurt Angle, Matt & Jeff Hardy,  Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre), Gail Kim, Lashley, MVP, Mr Anderson, Tyrus

Former WWE developmental guys: Bram, EC3, Eli Drake

Homegrown Talent: Abyss, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Gunner, James Storm, Magnus, Rockstar Spud

Former Indy Stars: American Wolves (Davey Richards/Eddie Edwards), Austin Aries, Homicide, Low-Ki, Manik

2- Tag-Team Division

Tag-team wrestling has always been a focus on TNA  and while they have relied on the crutch of throwing two guys together from time to time, overall they have regular tag-teams and always focus part of their show on the tag-team division including a couple of weeks ago when the tag-team titles Main Evented the show with the Hardy Boys winning their first ever TNA tag championships. The injury to Eddie Edwards has left them without their best team (American Wolves) for a while but with the Hardy’s (who seem to be experiencing a resurgence in TNA) and the Beat Down Clan (Low Ki/Homicide) they are still in good hands here.

3- Announcing

Unfortunately, Taz made the decision to leave the company after late paychecks but even with him gone their announcing is still better than WWEs. Why? Because they tend to focus more on what’s going on in the ring and less on trying to get in a zinger or two. Josh Matthews has been a breath of fresh air for TNA and despite them doing the announcing in the studio versus live at the ring, it still comes off better than the shtick that WWE is trying to pass as announcing these days.

4- EC3– For the last two reasons to watch TNA I am going to single out two individual wrestlers. Ethan Carter III is the best heel going in TNA today. He was brought into TNA with kind of a goofy gimmick, he is the storyline son of TNA big-wig Dixie Carter but he’s taken chicken shit and turned it into chicken salad. EC3 gets a constant reaction from the fans, he solid on the mic and he’s good enough in the ring to be a Main Event player for TNA. He also has helped Tyrus (AKA Brodus Clay) get over as a tough guy. The best angle TNA has ran in quite some time was EC3 against plucky up-and-comer RockStar Spud. Their feud culminated in a Main Event match on Impact Wrestling where Spud earned EC3’s respect and EC3 cut a post-match babyface promo that had the fans eating out of his hands, only to swerve them as he stayed heel. Look for big things to come for EC3.


5- Austin Aries– Aries has been one of the best in-ring performers for quite sometime and yet still flies under the radar because of working for TNA. Aries has held every title TNA has and has been given the ball from time to time. He has the complete package of charisma, mic skills and in-ring work and he’s a reason to watch the show every week. Aries is currently involved in one of the most intriguing week-to-week storylines as he carries a briefcase with a guaranteed title shot. Yeah, it’s not a new idea but giving it to Aries was a great idea.

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