Lucha Underground 4/22 TV Musings

If you are looking for a hold by hold re-cap, this isn’t it. Here’s how it works, I watch wrestling and record my thoughts, good or bad. I might not even tell you who won the match or how. Here it is…

They open with a great highlight package to get us caught up heading into this weeks episode.

They cut to a promo package for a new female wrestler. She’s hot and can kick ass. Imagine that! Apparently this is Angela Fong (or the wrestler formerly known as Angela Fong). Hardcore fans may remember from WWE’s incarnation of ECW.

Sexy Star vs Pentagon Jr

I’m not crazy about the inter-gender matches. Let’s see how this one goes. I’ve been really digging Pentagon Jr lately so it will be interesting to see what they do here.

This was ok for what it was. With how hot Pentagon has been lately the only reason for putting him in there with Sexy Star is to make sure people don’t cheer him. They put Sexy Star over in this match which is really disappointing after the streak Pentagon has been on.

Next up is a back stage segment with Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) and Alberto El Patron (Alberto del Rio) where they tease a future match. Yes, please.

Trios Championship Match (Tournament Final): Cage, Texano, and King Cuerno vs. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico vs. Big Ryck, Killshot, and The Mack

This is coming on with still over half the show remaining. This is elimination rules with three wrestlers in the ring at a time.

Cage is awesome. He did an early double suplex where he picked up one guy on each side for a vertical suplex at the same time. I really like Son of Havoc and (Willie) Mack as well. Both of those guys really fit well into this style and I think Matt Cross has finally found his niche with the Havoc gimmick.

They did an angle in the middle of the match where the wrestlers spilled into a fan and the fan got up and started beating the crap out of Texano. The fan is Shawn Daivari. Thanks to Daivari, Killshot (Shane Strickland) hits a huge top romp stomp onto Texano and the team of Cage, Texano and Cuerno is eliminated.

Really fun finishing sequence to the match with Son of Havoc doing a reverse rana on Killshot and then an immediate dive to the outside to take out Ryck and Mack. Back in the ring Angelico grabs Killshot puts him in a Razor’s Edge type move but runs with him across the ring and throws him into the turnbuckles. He calls it the Fall of the Angels.

Fun match with a hell of a finishing run.

Post-match Dario Cueto comes out and tell them they haven’t won the titles yet and have one more team to beat and it’s no-DQ.

Trios Championship Match: Son of Havoc, Angelico, and Ivelisse vs. The Crew 

This is just a sprawling brawl. Havoc hit a moonsault off of the ring barrier (more of a fence) and then Angelico did an insane looking dive off the balcony of the arena into the ring taking out Cortez and Bael. Wow, the dive from Angelico just looked sick and for some reason they never showed another replay of it. Angelico and Havoc went to the top rope in opposite corners and Angelico hit a double stomp while Havoc nailed a shooting star press. 1-2-3 and we have new champions! Another crazy finishing sequence.

Overall this was a fun show that was really highlighted by a few sick spots by Havoc and Angelico.  Check out the episode highlights below for a montage of the show….


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