Our favorite wrestling entrance music

Some fans take wrestling way too seriously. I understand why they do because when you enjoy something and are passionate about it, it can be disappointing when it doesn’t live up to your expectations. But, wrestling is about and is meant to be fun.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun for the team at Pile Driver Press to take a look at some of our favorite entrance music….

The Fabulous Ones: You Dropped A Bomb on Me (Kyle): This is my No. 1 if for no other reason than the incredible music video (shown below). At any other time in professional wrestling, this would have gotten the Fabs over as heels, but in the early ’80s — the era of Magnum P.I. — they were two of Memphis’ top babyfaces.


Randy Savage: Pomp & Circumstance (Kyle): Entering my graduation as this song played, I may or may not have done the Macho hand-wave.


The Fabulous Freebirds: Bad Street (Kevin): Is it confession time? As a young mark I bought this tape (yes, the musical cassette tape). I don’t remember how I got it, but I had it. The Freebirds were one of, if not the, innovators of using theme music and they get bonus points for their DIY spirit. And yes, I was a total mark for their version of “Boys are Back in Town” too.


The Fantastics: Sharp Dressed Man (Kevin): Another confession, Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton may or may not have been responsible for me buying a ZZ Top tape. As a kid I was a mark for both the UWF and for tag-teams. The Fantastics were a really underrated babyface team and their matches with the Sheepherders were some of the most memorable tag-matches of my childhood.

The internet has failed me so here’s the song without the great babyface reaction the Fantastics got from the Mid-South crowds. Just imagine women fainting when their music hit…


Taz: Survive if I let you (Joseph)- I always enjoyed it because I felt like it perfectly captured Taz (one z) and the context of what ECW was at the time. Pretty simple, a little heavy, and certainly recognizable enough to get the crowd jacked when they heard it.

Bad News Barrett: God Save Our Queen Version (Joseph)- Yes, it is almost exactly the same as his current version. Except it is missing its best attribute: the “God Save Our Queen” voice over done by little kids at the beginning. Sadly, like all things BNB related, the WWE dropped it because he was getting too over — whatever that means.

Koko B. Ware: Do The Bird (Joseph)- Because it was absurd and now seems like a ringtone for my dad’s flip phone.

Rey Mysterio’s first WCW theme (Joseph)- I used to like Rey a lot. Mostly before he became WWE-afied (sp?). Same goes for his first WCW theme song. It was simple, made me excited, and it made me know he was about to do some flippy-flops inside the ring. It reminded me a bit of Michael Myer’s Halloween theme for some reason.

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