Ring of Honor TV 4/17 Episode Musings

If you are looking for a hold by hold re-cap, this isn’t it. Here’s how it works, I watch wrestling and record my thoughts, good or bad. I might not even tell you who won the match or how. Here it is…

From Shrine Auditorium in San Antonio, TX

Donovan Dijak w/Truth Martini vs Dalton Castle

Dalton Castle is just so ridiculous that he brings a smile to my face. He’s like what Adam Rose should be but isn’t. Castle definitely brings a unique style to the ring that’s fun to watch and he had the fans eating out of his hands.

Dijak has talent but he’s not there yet which is why they’ve put him with Truth. Dijak went over with his finisher which is a pretty cool move.

The match was good for what it was and the fans were into it.

Jay Lethal’s commercial for knee and back pain comes on and is still amazing.

War Machine (Hanson/Rowe) vs Andy Dalton/Ken Phoenix

I miss the Ring Crew Express. They would have been perfect for this squash match. Two offensive moves and this one was over. Loved it.

Squash matches are underrated and this worked.

The Fish Tank w/Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly featuring guest Jay Lethal and Truth Martini

I love tag-team wrestling and even though these two were thrown together at one point I’m glad they are being focused on as a team. O’Reilly’s get-up looks ridiculous. It’s like what Ric Flair would have looked like if he was dressed by his grandma and/or his 13 year old niece.

I wasn’t much of a Lethal fan during his initial run in ROH but he really seems to have turned the corner in terms of his overall package. He truly might be the greatest first generation wrestler.

They are hyping a Lethal title defense against O’Reilly and Lethal is out to let us know about his new DVD. Fish and O’Reilly mock the DVD and mock Lethal by telling him that Jay Briscoe is the World Champion.

“When it comes to Jay Briscoe…that man was born on the highway because that’s where most accidents happen”- Lethal

Oh, my..and here comes Jay Briscoe.

Briscoe and Lethal brawl to the back.

Fish and O’Reilly are still in the ring and they are attacked by the KRD (dudes in red masks) and ACH and Matt Sydal come from the back to make the save.

Overall a good segment that advanced both Lethal/Briscoe as well as teased Lethal/ReDRagon and continues the KRD storyline. The execution wasn’t the best but I liked it and I like to see ROH give their guys mic time because even though they aren’t polished it’s the only way they are going to get better at it.

During the commercial, Dalton Castle is shilling “Super Beta Prostate”. Amazing.

BJ Whitmer/Adam Page Promo

Whitmer and Page run down ACH.

Michael Elgin vs Cedric Alexander

This match felt a little off at times. Elgin does some really nice stuff in the ring but just feels like he’s missing something, can’t quite put my finger on it. I liked what I saw from Alexander and I’m tempted to say he has a higher ceiling than Elgin.

Final Thoughts: This was a perfectly acceptable episode of ROH TV but at the same time was nothing to write home about. Coming out of this show I’d like to see more of Dalton Castle and Cedric Alexander and I’m intrigued by where they are going with Lethal and Briscoe.

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