Ring of Honor-New Japan War of the World Shaping Up to Be Magic

Ring of Honor announced most of the lineup for Night 1 of its War of the Worlds joint venture with New Japan Pro Wrestling this week and now I can’t feel my face. Here’s the card, via ROHWrestling.com: – DELIRIOUS vs. GEDO – JAY LETHAL w/TRUTH MARTINI vs. WATANABE – RODERICK STRONG vs. KUSHIDA – […]

Our favorite wrestling entrance music

Some fans take wrestling way too seriously. I understand why they do because when you enjoy something and are passionate about it, it can be disappointing when it doesn’t live up to your expectations. But, wrestling is about and is meant to be fun. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun for […]

Bring Back The Brand Split When Smackdown Moves to USA

Smackdown, long the WWE’s B-show to Raw, should be the lesser child no longer. USA Network and WWE announced their longstanding partnership is expanding in 2016, with Smackdown moving from Syfy to USA. With there no longer being a clear division in reach, Smackdown’s move to USA is the time for WWE to pump up […]

Introducing: CHIKARA

CHIKARA is an independent wrestling company that was founded in 2002 by wrestlers Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth. CHIKARA is a lucha-based promotion that features “family friendly” entertainment. This list of wrestlers who have set foot in a CHIKARA ring is impressive and includes Adrian Neville (Pac), Cesaro, Chris Hero, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Luke […]

My 5 favorite wrestling podcasts

Podcasting has really blown up in the last couple of years and there are so many podcasts that I can’t even keep up with the ones that I want to listen to, much less try new ones. That being said, I do have a rotating list that I try to keep up with and I […]

April 20 RAWcap: RKO Outta Everywhere!

It’s the go-home Raw before WCW Uncensored Extreme Rules, WWE’s last vestiges of the ECW reboot. The very concept of the Extreme Rules event leaves much to be desired: every match having a gimmick is oversaturation; there was an all-gimmick show just four months ago with TLC; and, in the era of PG, it’s difficult […]

Remembering Ravishing Rick Rude

What I want all you fat, internet sweathogs to do right now is keep the noise down while I take off my robe… Ravishing Rick Rude, one of the best heels in wrestling, died 16 years ago today. Rude was effective at his job of being a truly hateable character, and boy, did I hate […]

Ring of Honor TV 4/17 Episode Musings

If you are looking for a hold by hold re-cap, this isn’t it. Here’s how it works, I watch wrestling and record my thoughts, good or bad. I might not even tell you who won the match or how. Here it is… From Shrine Auditorium in San Antonio, TX Donovan Dijak w/Truth Martini vs Dalton […]

Introducing: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, or PWG, is an independent wrestling company that was founded by wrestlers in 2003. Many of you have probably heard of PWG or seen their product. This is meant as a bit of an intro for the uninitiated. PWG has a great Youtube Channel that has over 20,000 subscribers so if you like […]

5 Ways to debut Samoa Joe in WWE

Samoa Joe has long been one of the top wrestlers in the world. The fact that he’s 36 means that it’s now or never for Joe and the WWE. A guy like Joe deserves a run with the E even if it’s not at his peak. With rumors of Joe signing with WWE, here’s a […]

The Days of Gimmick Laden Wrestling Should Be Over

Gimmicks have been around in wrestling since well before you were a gleam in your father’s eye. A promotion would typically have a face with good guy tendencies and a background to match. The heel would be somewhat evil and have a diabolical origin story to boot. All was well in simple in the pro wrestling world. […]

Saving Face: WWE Struggles Booking Good Guys

On Monday’s RAW live from Pittsburgh, the top face of WWE, John Cena, got his United States Championship rematch with Rusev for WrestleMania XXXI. In typical John Cena fashion, he did so with heel tactics.