Hockey Fights of the Week: 11/17 – 11/23

Our last installment of Hockey Fights of the Week was arguably the best of the 2014-15 season. How did the league’s warriors follow up on that outstanding collection of fights? There were fewer fights around the league, but the ones we did see were gems.


Report: Edmonton Oilers open to trading David Perron

The Edmonton Oilers are once again in the basement of the NHL. With just over 20 games complete on the Edmonton schedule, it’s already clear that the team is not a contender and will once be open to trading their assets. Usually you won’t see any major deals until the league draws closer to its trade deadline […]


Devils should give Cory Schneider a break

For all 20 games this season for the Devils, Cory Schneider has been in net.  Devils Head Coach Peter DeBoer has opted not to give his franchise goalie a rest.  Why?  The main reason may be DeBoer feels he has the best chance to win with Schneider in net.  Since the Devils missed making the […]


The dry scrape has officially been scrapped

You may recall that the NHL was toying around with the idea of ditching the dry scrape between the third period and overtime. The belief has been that the dry scrape takes too long and fans have grown impatient over a delay which results in a negligible benefit. The league has had some time to […]


Dollars and sense: The Jason Spezza contract extension

Formerly with the Ottawa Senators and now a fixture for the Dallas Stars, Jason Spezza is now taking a four year extension to the bank. The contract extension will see Spezza have a $7.5 million salary cap hit until the age of 35. Did the Dallas Stars overpay for his services, or is the money […]


Report: Daniel Alfredsson won’t play this season

The Daniel Alfredsson comeback may be over before it ever really started. A report from TSN states that word is leaking out that Alfredsson will not be able to play this year. The report states that while the Detroit Red Wings haven’t officially heard about Alfredsson’s status or decision, they have heard that his comeback […]


CSN displayed a weird stat after Daniel Briere scored a goal

This is an odd one. After Daniel Briere scored to make it a 1-1 game against the Washington Capitals, the CSN broadcast displayed an interesting graphic. Usually these tend to mention how many goals the player has scored so far that season or something along those lines. Instead, CSN chose to display when Briere last […]


The Nashville Predators are preying on the NHL after coaching change

Much praise has been heaped on Barry Trotz for the coaching job he did during his 15 seasons in Nashville. He was the first coach the franchise had ever known and they became known for playing a dull shut down style. Never having elite scoring talent the Predators under Barry Trotz effectively won close games […]


Slava Voynov charged with a felony in domestic abuse case

Slava Voynov has been charged with a felony in the domestic abuse case which led to his indefinite suspension from the NHL back in October. According to ESPN, the exact charge is one felony count of corporal injury to spouse with a great bodily injury. Voynov will be arraigned on December 1st. Here’s what we know […]


The NHL Sad Fan Index – Volume 2

In a recent study offered by The Hockey News, they broke down team fanbases. [ THN ] In their “study” they named the Toronto Maple Leafs the number one fan base. It turns out they are also the saddest. If you missed our first installment of the NHL’s Saddest Fans, here’s what you missed. Now, […]


Phil Kessel says “classless” fan tossed jersey on the ice

Tossing your jersey on the ice is the current popular way of showing your displeasure in the NHL. Jersey tossing incidents have been seen in games involving the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs, but it’s the latter which is the talking point today. One Maple Leafs fan tossed their jersey on the ice during […]


A proposal to fix the World Cup of Hockey’s 7th and 8th team problem

International hockey has long had a bit of a problem when it comes to staging international tournaments: at any given time, there have only been at best, seven great hockey playing nations that could reasonably contend for a medal. Slovakia and the Czech Republic’s dropping off the world map in recent years in terms of […]

Breaking down the Colorado Avalanche’s week ahead

The Colorado Avalanche, after three straight seasons of failing to qualify for postseason play, rushed to a 52 win season last year and won their Division for the first time in a decade.  However, the Avalanche would be eliminated in seven games to the Minnesota Wild in the Western Conference semifinals.  Coming into this season, […]


Report: Jason Spezza close to multi-year extension with Dallas

Almost as soon as the Dallas Stars acquired Jason Spezza in a trade with the Ottawa Senators, the Stars made it known that Spezza was not a one-year rental. The club announced that they hoped to keep Spezza in the mix well beyond the 2014-15 season and were ready to negotiate. Spezza wanted to see […]