Canucks promise change with new slogan

The Vancouver Canucks are trying to rally interest for season tickets and they did so by promising that change is coming. Normally a team’s marketing message isn’t worth discussing as they are tired cliches we’ve all heard before, but this one is a bit more interesting as it leads to several discussion points. Yes, it […]


Report: Teemu Selanne may return to the KHL

Teemu Selanne may not be ready to hang up his skates quite yet. At age 44, Selanne recently retired from the NHL, but a report from suggests he’s considering an offer from Jokerit to join the club for their first season in the KHL. Via a rough Google translation of, here’s what Selanne had […]


Brad Marchand hates Tomas Plekanec

Brad Marchand isn’t a very big fan of Tomas Plekanec. When Marchand was asked which NHL player irritates him the most, he quickly responded with the name of the Montreal forward. 


Season ticket sales are booming for the Dallas Stars

Back in 2012, we took a quick look at the odd attendance figures emerging out of Dallas. Remarkably, the club set franchise records for largest single-game crowd and smallest single-game crowd during the 2011-12 season. Since then, attendance figures have been pretty ugly. The team averaged 79.1% capacity, the worst mark in the NHL, during […]


7 rules the NHL needs to change

What would make the NHL better? This question is asked almost every summer as fans dissect different ways the NHL can improve its on-ice product. Specifically, which rules should the NHL introduce or abolish in order to take the sport to the next level? The list of changes below is far from complete. Feel free […]


NHL releases ugly sweaters for the holidays

The NHL has released tacky sweater themed jerseys in the past for the holiday season, which I compared to the tacky sweater worn by Colin Firth’s Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary. I can’t imagine that they were such big sellers among the fanbase that someone in marketing wanted to spin off actual ugly sweaters, but […]


A compilation of Pierre McGuire’s most awkward moments

Pierre McGuire is an interesting man. The word “interesting” in the previous sentence could be replaced with a lot of different words, but it’s clear that most hockey fans feel that McGuire is one of the most awkward, if not creepy, broadcasters in sports. He knows his hockey and he knows how to make everyone […]

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Is Ryan Kesler enough to put the Anaheim Ducks over the top?

Two of the last three seasons have brought about immense success for the Los Angeles Kings, while the NHL’s other two California teams are mired in constant playoff struggles, attracting a reputation for being brilliant in the regular season, but failing to meet the same type of expectations when the postseason rolls around. While it’s the San […]


10 NHL players who will bounce back in 2014-15

The 2013-14 season was a rough one for a lot of NHL players. Injuries and lengthy slumps caused a number of players to fall well short of lofty expectations. The 2014-15 season brings a new opportunity for these players to once again find their footing and shake off the failures from the previous campaign. Here […]


Patrick Kane notches 10 points in a men’s league game

Patrick Kane routinely makes competition at the NHL level look silly. Not surprisingly, he can also make the competition at a local men’s league look pretty silly too. Kane suited up for the Piranhas at a local rink in Buffalo and went on to score five goals and five assists in a 13-5 victory over […]


NBC & NBCSN will broadcast 103 NHL games in 2014-15

NBC and NBCSC will have a schedule loaded with NHL games during the 2014-15 season. The network will broadcast 103 regular season games during the season, with NBCSN shouldering the bulk of the schedule. NBCSN is slated to carry games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights with a special Sunday night game in January. NBC […]


Thomas Vanek may be connected to a federal gambling investigation

Thomas Vanek appears to be connected to a federal gambling investigation currently taking place in New York. A report from WHEC suggests that Vanek is involved with a case involving The Marina Restaurant & Bar, located in Rochester, New York. The report details that Vanek voluntarily visited a federal court house with his lawyer, but isn’t […]


Texas DMV may eliminate Dallas Stars license plates

The days of Dallas Stars fans being able to support their team through their license plate may be coming to an end. The Texas DMV is currently eliminating specialty license plates which fail to meet the criteria of 200 buyers a year. Apparently the Dallas Stars’ plate falls into the category of plates which have […]