What we’d like to see happen in the NHL in 2013

The current year has come to a close. The new year is upon us, offering a clean slate. The NHL has a chance to right the ship in the new year and get back to what matters most – actually playing.  Here are a handful of things we here at PDL would like to see […]


Five most popular PDL articles from 2012

Puck Drunk Love was established in the early stages of November, 2011. This means that 2012 was the first full year that Puck Drunk, or PDL as it's commonly labeled, graced the wide world of the Internet. The year was a wild one. Hockey fans saw Los Angeles climb the ranks and hoist the Cup, […]


Rumor: Will Columbus and Winnipeg switch conferences?

One topic that's barely been discussed in CBA negotiations – as far as we know – has been the topic of NHL realignment. If you recall, the league had proposed a bold realignment plan that would separate the NHL into four conferences. The plan was struck down quickly by the NHLPA.  Now comes a report […]

Should the NHL adopt the 3-2-1 point system?

If you've been following the World Junior Championship, you're probably already pretty familiar with the 3-2-1 point system that the tournament uses. If the 3-2-1 system sounds like a foreign concept, it essentially awards three points if you win in regulation, two if you win in OT and one if you are defeated in OT.  […]


Happy Holidays from the NHLPA

No, it's not a new season, but the NHLPA released their Happy Holidays video today, which I guess is as close to hockey as we're going to get this holiday season. Featuring luminaries such as Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin, Claude Giroux, a very happy looking Jeff Skinner (who is, I guess, playing the part of […]

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2013 World Junior Championship team previews

Team Sweden – 2012 With the continued NHL lockout, the eyes of the world turn to Ufa, Russia as the IIHF’s World Junior Championships are set to take place between December 26th and January 5th. This tournament highlights the top prospects under 20-years-old, representing their country in a round-robin qualification round before the top three […]


NHL cancels games through January 14th

Someone stick a fork in this year's NHL season. It's done. The NHL released a press statement today announcing the cancelation of all games through January 14th. Pretty much, that means that the next step will probably be axing the entire 2012-2013 season totally.  The National Hockey League announced today the cancelation of the 2012-13 […]


Top 10 players to watch at the World Junior Championship

Nail Yakupov, Russia The World Juniors are almost upon us, or what Canadians refer to as the best time of the year. Even in a year with games being played every night, Canadians wait for the next generation of stars to don the maple leaf and represent the nation over the holidays.  But this year […]


Stanley Cup back in Canada? Their governor general finds that funny

There's nothing more entertaining for an American hockey fan than getting into a "will the Stanley Cup return to Canada?" fight with a Canadian. Personally, I really don't care where it winds up if it doesn't end in St. Louis (which it hasn't, and probably won't this year either), but I do understand why the […]


Nike’s message to the NHL: Hockey is Ours You can take the NHL away but you can't take the sport of hockey away from those who love it. That's the message from Nike in this fantastic spot that features cameos from Steven Stamkos, P.K. Subban and even a somewhat surprising appearance from Alex Ovechkin. The message is perfect. Hockey, the sport, belongs […]


Evander Kane Tweets picture with bricks of cash

The lockout has nearly claimed the entire 2012-13 season. The owners and players are continually complaining that the other side isn't offering a fair deal and that they are losing a ton of revenue. For a moment, you might even feel a bit of sympathy for one of the sides. That sympathy vanishes when a […]


NHL actually thinks cancelling player contracts is a good idea

Listen, I know that the NHL's desperate to get the upper hand on the players. Their filing in federal court on Friday seeking to have the lockout deemed legal shows as much. One part of that filing that seemed to fly under the radar this weekend was the portion that asked that if the NHLPA […]


NHLPA votes on disclaimer of interest

Over the next few days, the membership of the NHL players union will vote to see if they would like to move forward with a disclaimer of interest. While there were lengthy talks of a possible decertification, union boss Donald Fehr went a different route, mostly because a disclaimer of interest takes a lot less […]


President Obama again comments on the NHL lockout

You might recall at the end of October when President Obama commented on the NHL lockout during an interview with Jay Leno. His statement was simple: The two sides only make money because of fan support. The two sides should be able to "figure this out".  Now, almost two months later, Obama is again offering […]