About the blog:

The Queensberry Rules, aka TQBR, is devoted to following the sport of boxing. It derives its name from the rules that govern boxing, which were published in 1867 and named after the 9th Marquess of Queensberry. We once went by the name Ring Report.

We encourage you to participate by creating an account and commenting on blog entries. (TQBR reserves the right to remove comments and ban commenters who use abusive language, like racial slurs.) We also encourage you to consider writing guest blog entries.

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About the proprietor:

Tim Starks is the founder of TQBR and a co-founder of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. He started a boxing blog called Seven Punch Combo in 2007 before joining MVN that same year. He joined Bloguin in 2009. He also has contributed to Ring magazine, The Sweet Science and other publications, and his boxing writing has been cited by The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, Deadspin and more. When not writing about boxing, Tim reports on homeland security and intelligence agencies for Congressional Quarterly, where he was the 2009 winner of the National Press Club’s Sandy Hume Memorial Award For Excellence in Political Journalism.

Tim has been called a “crack head” on national television for no apparent reason and a “baby killer” by commenters on this very blog who disagreed with an April, 2008 decision to bump Manny Pacquiao down from #2 to #3 on his list of today’s best fighters. His 10 favorite boxers  — inside the ring, not necessarily outside — include, in no particular order, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Carl Froch, Ruslan Provodnikov, Lucas Matthysse, Floyd Mayweather, Sergey Kovalev, Shinsuke Yamanaka, Gennady Golovkin and… Manny Pacquiao.

He can be reached at: tstarks2@gmail.com.

About the staff:

Patrick Connor, TQBR’s multimedia editor, enjoys long walks on the beach, likes his boxing with as little clinching as possible, and his favorite fighter ever is Tommy Hearns. Patrick can be found drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale during boxing cards when he’s not researching crusty bouts that have absolutely nothing to do with the contemporary sweet science. This suave armchair gladiator was a contributor to the now-defunct sites TalkingBoxing.com and TheBoxingBulletin.com, as well as a former videographer/interviewer for BoxingScene.com and MaxBoxing.com. Feel free to contact Patrick at pconnorpakal@gmail.com, or via his blog belovedonslaught.blogspot.com.


Andrew Harrison is the British-based creator of boxing blog Safe Side of the Ropes, which he formed in 2008. After shamelessly badgering a selection of the sport’s more respected scribes for work in 2009 he was very kindly advised that he should earn his spurs by making contributions to some of the better boxing sites on the web. This he duly set about doing and in 2010 he began writing for The Queensberry Rules, The Boxing Bulletin and the website of Boxing News Magazine. Andrew trained as an illustrator before switching to accountancy and so naturally he finds himself pursuing a career as a fight scribe.

Hailing from the North East of England, Andrew grew up thinking that Bruce Woodcock was the greatest fighter who ever lived thanks to his father’s storytelling prowess and continues to live in hope that a Geordie will once again lift a world title. He also once informed his better half that he loved boxing more than her, and lived to tell the tale. Andrew can be contacted at: harrison-andy@hotmail.co.uk.


Alex McClintock, the site’s deputy editor, started writing about boxing on this very blog. Since then he’s been a regular contributor and has written about boxing for the Ring magazine website, The Sweet Science and Mens Fitness. When not writing about boxing, Alex is a sometime employee of, and contributor to, Sydney, Australia’s The Sun Herald. Alex started boxing after he became a fan, is 4-1 as an amateur. He’s documenting his move from white collar Aussie gym to blue collar Mexican gym on his blog holacompinche.com.

When not punching people in the head, being punched in the head and writing about other people punching one another in the head, Alex also follows the gentlemanly sports of rugby and cricket. Maybe that’s why he really gets annoyed by boxing’s trash talkers and poor sportsmen, guys like David Haye, Floyd Mayweather, Carl Froch and Joan Guzman. He can be reached at mcclintock.alex@gmail.com.


Jeff Pryor is a screenwriter and film director whose natural interest and asthetic tends to run towards noir and the darkly psychological. This probably explains why his writings on boxing are so pretentious. Aping the clipped writing style of James Ellroy, the semi-colon sentence structure of Virginia Woolf and the holier-than-thou tone of the Bible; Jeff is able to at once turn a phrase cleverly and concisely, all while showing off and self-aggrandizing nicely.

Jeff has shaken hands with Bob Arum, posed for a photo with Teddy Atlas and had Bernard Hopkins pretend to be an old woman to him when answering the phone. He previously wrote for The Boxing Bulletin.


Sam Sheppard is a copy editor and literary snob from the U.K., with a passion for the writings of Yukio Mishima and a poster of Jake LaMotta on his wall. His favourite fighters of all time are Carlos Monzon, Roberto Duran and Kostya Tzsyu, while his earliest memory of the sport was watching Nigel Benn’s brutal win over Gerald McLellan as a nine year old. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the experience did little to put him off.

Sam graduated from University College London with an MA in European Literature, prior to working in Korea for two years during which time he wrote for expatriate journals on East Asian culture. He may have only got as far as a green belt in taekwondo, but he witnessed his fair share of 130 pound locals knocking out heavyset American GIs with jaw-dropping speed on the streets of Seoul. He dreams of one day visiting the Azteca Stadium and watching the lips of 80,000 Mexicans begin to quiver as the Mariachi band strikes up. He can be reached at samuel.thomas.sheppard@gmail.com, and is always ready to throw down on Twitter @sonofduran.


Matthew Swain is an Ecologist who studies Plant Community Dynamics in Invaded Ecosystems. He is aware that what he does for a living is obscenely nerdy, and is unashamed of that. Originally from Atlanta, Ga., he started watching boxing with his grandfather in the late 80s and became a complete boxing addict after competing as an amateur while serving in Iraq in the United States Marine Corps. He has continued to train himself and occasionally others for the last decade. His dream girl is super genius/sociopath Alice Morgan from the TV series “Luther.” If you have a high tolerance for utterly ridiculous and often obscene humor, he can be found on Twitter @HansLanda0351.

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