Tempo Free Tuesday

Your guide to the tempo free interwebs

Ken Pomeroy tackles the ACC/Big Ten Challenge and determines that the Big Ten has a 79% chance of winning or tying (and thus retaining the title).

Basketball Prospectus looks at the same Challenge, only they go in depth on the Duke/Ohio State and UNC/Wisconsin games.

Michigan/Virginia might not be as intriguing as the big matchups covered above, but Dylan Burkhardt at UM Hoops always does a good job letting us know what to look for.

There are a few win-less programs left around the country, and Big Apple Buckets takes a look at them.

Thomas Robinson at Kansas has gotten plenty of attention from those of us who focus on meaningful stats, and Grantland is the latest to provide a feature.

Need to know everything that has happened so far in the always exciting Horizon League? Chris Burrows has you covered.

Anyone who watched the Oakland – Tennessee game last night now knows all about Corey Petros. But does he make the early All-Summit Freshmen team?

Nathan Walker does what he does – introducing new stats.

How quickly does Marquette score after steals? Yeahthat’sfast.