Tempo Free Tuesday

your guide to the tempo free interwebs

Syracuse is quickly approaching best-resume-in-the-nation territory, and it turns out that a bench player – James Southerland – has been a very nice surprise for Boeheim’s club.

If you haven’t already coughed up the $20 for Ken Pomeroy’s site then I hope your excuse is that you’re homeless. If not, stats for individual players have now been unveiled, where you can learn all sorts of neat things like the nugget that North Carolina A&T’s Marc Hill commits the fewest fouls per 40 minutes of any player in the nation.

Speaking of pay sites, how about Basketball Prospectus? Not only is their Prospectus now available in paperback, but there are plenty of articles like this one about the Stanford Cardinal. In what is most definitely a down year for the Pac 12 (don’t worry haters, the conference won’t be any better next year), the Cardinal look to be the team to beat.

Wondering who the luckiest team in the MAAC is? Big Apple Buckets has you covered.

Is Marquette the Big East’s version of Kentucky? They don’t have that kind of talent, but their guards got their dribble-drive in effect while attacking Wisconsin.

I just finished watching an FSU game, so forgive me if I don’t buy into other team’s offensive woes. But apparently Kansas is sad.

The Summit is one of the leagues that has already begun inter-league play, and better yet the Summit has a writer who cares about tempo free data.

Do you know Evan Smotrycz? Care to pronounce his name? Did you know his father’s name is Zenon? Okay, that last part wasn’t in this article, but it’s still true.