12.12.12. Not Bobby Hurley’s favorite day

Everyone on the interwebs has going on and on about the date – 12/12/12. People are publishing lists that have to do with twelve – the twelve best this, the twelve worst that. And then there's this angle:

But one person who probably isn't thrilled about the date is former Duke legend and current Rhode Island assistant coach Bobby Hurley.

It was 19 years ago today that Hurley's vehicle was struck at night by a person driving without their headlights on, and it nearly cost him his life. Hurley's car was pancaked. He was thrown 100 feet into the ditch, his lungs collapsed. He had broken ribs, a fractured shoulder blade, a compression fracture of his lower back, a torn tendon in his right knee and soft tissue injuries. He would return to the NBA the following year, but he was never quite the same player.

But if that were all that happened to Hurley on this date, it might not be so bad. But on this date in 2009 it went public that he was being sued by PNC Bank for defaulting on a $1 million dollar loan. He'd used the money to buy a racehorse.

But it's a new beginning, right? (Either that, or the world is ending). So let's hope coach Hurley has found new things to celebrate on this day.