ACC ready to fall again in ACC – Big Ten Challenge

It's been four years since the ACC won the ACC – Big Ten Challenge (after winning the first 10). In that time, nine of the twelve head coaching positions have turned over. So at least the good news for ACC fans is that the league is in flux. It's on its way back. Just not yet.

The Big Ten needs a 6-6 split to retain the title. After night one they have a 4-2 lead, meaning that the ACC needs to win five of six tonight to win.

The ACC got wins from Maryland and Virginia Tech, while North Carolina got destroyed by Indiana, NC State couldn't pull the upset at Michigan, FSU struggled vs Minnesota, and Wake lost to Nebraska in a game no one watched.

If the oddsmakers are right, tonight is going to end the same way as last night – with a 4-2 Big Ten win. That would be two straight years in which the Challenge hasn't even been close.