Ben Brust: Baller, Blogger

Wisconsin junior-to-be Ben Brust has been places in his college career. From Chicago he ended up committing at the University of Iowa, where – after the firing of head coach Todd Lickliter – a Big Ten panel ruled that he was eligible to transfer to another Big Ten school. Whereupon, he settled on Wisconsin.

Now, heading into his third season in Madison, the 6-1 Brust is the top returning 3-point shooter for the Badgers, having connected on 39% of his attempts. So surely he’s in the gym working on his mechanics and getting ready for next season. That, and writing about NASCAR.

Wait, what?

Ben Brust, via his twitter feed, hasn’t been shy about his love of NASCAR. Though he’s relatively new to the sport, he’s already preaching the gospel.


And now he’s started a blog, which you should follow.

Why? Because he’s a college basketball player at a high-end Division I school, and it turns out that he’s also a dork like the rest of us. What’s his blog about? We’ll let Ben describe it:

And when we finally play that pick-up game between bloggers and the old media (full court, 2s and 3s, best of 5, to 18), we get Ben.