Dakari Johnson to 2013 opens path for potential non-Kentucky No. 1 class

Recent recruiting talk has been dominated by Coach Calipari and Kentucky. And for good reason. Cal has already landed three of the top-6 players according to ESPN, and is on the radar for several more elite recruits. So it's inconceivable that the Wildcats won't end up with the No. 1 class, again. Right?

Well, lurking just behind him is another SEC program – the Florida Gators. Billy Donovan has already secured commitments from the No. 9 and No. 10 players in the nation. They're also a strong contender for No. 4 – Julius Randle.

And then today, it was announced that 2014 star Dakari Johnson was re-classing to 2013.

Of course, Kentucky is in the running for him as well.

Who knows where Dakari will be ranked in 2013, but it's likely in the top 5 (I'm guessing No. 4 at ESPN). And if Kentucky somehow whiffs on Andrew Wiggins (No. 1) and Julius Randle (No. 4), and UF closes the deal on Randle and Johnson, then it looks like the Gators might sneak into the No. 1 spot. Not that it matters – as both teams will have ridiculous classes. And more importantly, they'd both be miles ahead of the No. 3 class.

So keep heaping praise on Coach Calipari for what he's doing at Kentucky – but don't sleep on Billy Donovan.