Butler 4

Diagramming Indiana’s breakdown at the end of the half

Indiana has been devoting a lot of resources toward stopping Butler's Rotnei Clarke, and with good reason – Clarke is one of the best shooters in the country and is currently hitting 45% of his threes. But on this inbounds play at the buzzer, that attention cost them three points.

Here's how the play was set up. Note that there are 5.2 seconds left in the half, with the Hoosiers up 7.

First, Butler uses Clarke (circled) as a screener, trying to free Kyle Marshall for a dive to the low block.

But Indiana handles the rotation, at least initially. Jordan Hulls (No. 1) rotates down to cut off the play. Clarke (arrow), meanwhile, uses a screen Erik Fromm (circled) to cut to the corner.

And here is where Indiana breaks down. They've been devoting so much attention to Clarke that both Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey chase Clarke around the screen (circled), leaving Fromm (arrow) to slip out for the uncontested three.

Here's the video: