Evaluating Trent Lockett to Marquette

Not all transfers are made the same. Arizona State's Trent Lockett is the 3rd Sun Devil to leave the program, though in this case it's to be closer to his mother who has been diagnosed with cancer. Lockett has already graduated, and will have one year or eligibility while he works on an advanced degree. He can receive a waiver to play immediately, or he can take advantage of the graduate transfer rules and work on a Master's degree in a program not offered at ASU.

Lockett was the 2nd leading scorer for a bad ASU team this season. He's a 6-4 guard who doesn't take many threes (76% of his shots are 2s). As a sophomore he led the team in scoring, though it was primarily through volume. His offensive rating has been 98, 102.5, 100.1 in his three years.

Don't read too much into his pedestrian offensive ratings. Herb Sendek's offenses the past two years at Arizona State have been bad. The offense was was 58th in Lockett's freshman year, but it's not unusual for a freshman to have a sub-100 offensive rating.

Lockett should fit in nicely in Buzz Williams' system. He's excellent off the dribble, and has worked diligently to develop a mid-range game. And though he didn't take many 3s, he made 41% of them. If he can double his attempts and maintain that percentage, he'll be an absolute steal for Marquette.

Lockett was also the 5th best player in the Pac-12 at getting to the line. He made 71% of his free throws, which was a slight improvement over the previous two seasons.

Defensively, his steal rate was 11th in the Pac-12, which is key to a team losing Jae Crowder, who was one of the best defenders in the nation. Buzz Williams will need to rebuild the defense, and Lockett will give him a good piece to work with.

This is a transfer who will have an impact.