Hoosiers use 1st practice to actually practice

Many of the midnight madness events around the nation are designed for fans and the players. The fans get to enjoy a circus atmospere and celebrate the beginning of a new season, and the players get to spend the night showing off.

But not in Indiana. Tom Crean has a team which is being picked for a lot people's Final Fours, and he smartly didn't want to waste a practice. So as I skimmed a bunch of madness events, his was the closest to my heart. I don't need scrimmages with no defense. I don't need dunnk shows. I want to see coaching.

Here's a video of one of his drills. It's a simple drill used at all levels of basketball – a 4-on-3 box drill for passing. This is designed to teach players how to pass and catch under pressure, and to teach defenders the art of the deflection.