Inside the boxscore: FSU 91, Maine 59

1. Maine is one of the worst 3-point shooting teams in the nation, entering this game 337th of 347 Division I teams. Even the 23.8% they made vs Florida State was only their fourth worst game of this season. Against Seton Hall, Maine made 1-17 (5.9%).

2. Freshman Aaron Thomas had a career high 15 points. Calling him a freshman is a bit strange, as at 21 he's nearly a year older than junior Okaro White. But whatever he is, he's been playing great in the past four games, though it's been overshadowed by FSU's losing streak. Against Maine he also established career highs in rebounds (5) and blocks (2).

3. FSU made 11-24 3s, and on the season has now made 39.2%, which ties Indiana for 27th nationally. The best 3-point shooting team Leonard Hamitlon has ever coached was 34th nationally in 2003-04.

4. FSU turned the ball over just 7 times in a 76 possession game (9.2%). This is the lowest turnover% by any FSU team since at least 2000 (when tempo free data became available).

5. FSU won 91-59 in a 76 possession game. The 0.78 points per possession allowed by FSU's defense easily beats their previous season low of 0.89, and is their 2nd best effort since switching to a 3-guard lineup in December of last year.