Is it down to Kentucky and Florida State for Keith Clanton?

One of the more intriguing transfer possibilities is coming out of Central Florida. Hit with sanctions, UCF players – at least those who are about to be seniors – face the reality of playing the year knowing they won't have a post-season. For that reason, the seniors can transfer without penalty. UCF had two junior starters last season – Marcus Jordan and Keith Clanton – and of the two Clanton is the far more attractive player.

Clanton put together a very solid line of 14.5 points, 8.1 rebounds and 1.8 blocks last season. Partly, his scoring was due to volume – he only made 33.6% of his 3s, but the 6-8 forward has a solid, all around game. His biggest value might be rebounding. He finished among a small handful of players who were in Conference USA's top-15 for both offensive and defensive rebounding. He's also been consistent, and can make that same claim for all three of his seasons. He's also blocked over 6% of the shots when he's on the floor in each of his three seasons.

As a sophomore he hit 38% of his 3s, so that shot is clearly there. He just struggled last year.

So is he transferring? Most likely. But where to? According to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, it's likely Kentucky or Florida State.

Both places have a scholarship available, and both could use a veteran big man.