Ken Caldwell: The Truth Part 1. Nine minutes I can never have back

I can't recommend it, but watch it if you have to. Here are the parts that stood out for me. (If you are unfamiliar with what this is all about, read this)

0:15 Caldwell: "Had I not had a criminal background, this wouldn't even be news. But since I have a criminal background, all of a sudden anyone that has any knowledge of knowing me in the basketball world or any other world is being affected at great lengths. I find that to be preposterous."

Note: Ken Caldwell has been convicted of multiple felonies, and received two different six-year sentences, one for a home invasion, and another for possessing a stolen vehicle.

1:02 Caldwell: "Do I have affiliations with agents? Yes I do. Do I know them? I know them all. Yeah."

Note: This is why videos need producers, or at least someone to hit the 'erase' button.

1:37 Caldwell: "Now I'm going to show how the NCAA has conjured up, all of this stuff, from these allegations [picks up tablet computer and scrolls through pages of allegations] and I'm going to tell you the truth about each and every one."

1:58 Caldwell: "Let's start out with the money. [long pause] What money?"

Somewhere in the early 2:00 range: A conversation is happening in the background between a woman and what sounds like a child. I can't hear what they're saying but it sounds more interesting than what I'm watching.

3:20 Caldwell: "Is it a violation to say that you can't give money to someone that you love? I say it's a violation to say that you can't."

Note: Well, alrighty then. Case closed. I love Andrew Wiggins by the way, so don't violate me when I try and pay him to go to my school.

3:36 I don't know what door that was, but oil it. Good lord.

4:37 Caldwell: "Don't get mad at me because I say that I like a place….. You hear rappers all the time talking about Bentleys. Is that a violation?"

5:26 Why does he have a giant 'Play' button on his shirt?

5:43 Caldwell: "They don't talk about how many times I called Keith Tribble to try to tell him about players and he did not take my calls. They don't talk about that."

6:12 If you press the 'Play' button on his shirt it pauses the video. Then you can restart it by pressing 'Play' again. This is awesome.

7:00 and beyond, Caldwell ranting about how he helps people after the game of basketball, about how he's never made a dime, about how he knows everyone in basketball at every level. He's the victim.

8:47 Caldwell "I have nothing to hide, and nothing to lose."

9:00 Caldwell: "I'm speaking up for the guys like me. There are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of guys like me. Somebody has to stop the bleeding with the NCAA. And I'm here to stop it."

The end.