Lost in translation: Deividas Dulkys, Lithuanian news, and Google translate

Searching for news on Deividas Dulkys’ attempt to make the Lithuanian National Team I stumbled across a number of recent articles and interviews. Unfortunately all of them were in Lithuanian. And though there are 3.2 million Lithuanian speakers worldwide, I’m not one of them.

Luckily, Google Translate came to the rescue.

Simply plugging the URL into Google Chrome and hitting ‘translate’ I was able to learn all sorts of things about Dulkys. I learned, for example, that he’s a quarterback, though his current training regimen is best preparing him to be a soccer defender. I learned that he refers to training as “her,” and that he wants no more than one roommate because sometimes they become sad.

I look forward to more Google translations, because hey, I like to learn.

Here’s the complete interview:

Lithuanian national team rookie David Dulkys still not decided on where you would like to start a professional basketball career.

Quarterback reaffirmed that has not signed a contract with Kaunas Zalgiris, and was happy that his team camp so far everything is doing fine.

– How are reminded team combinations?

– NB combination is not difficult, just need to remember them all because they are many. For me, this is a first year team, so the combination was not previously seen. Many people here have an advantage because they already know a lot of combinations of the above, and I am a first-timer.

– During the training prepares you as a defender or striker as a small forward?

– As a defender.

– So what really is the situation with Zalgiris?

– Contract with Zalgiris “still really do not. Zalgiris is a very good team, but certainly nothing to do with anything I’m not signed. I know that my agent is working, but there are many other offers. We’ll see where it will be.

– Zalgiris – Lithuania is the only team that you are interested in?

– That you should ask my agent.

– Rinktumeisi “Grunwald”, or any other solid foreign team?

– It would depend on the situation. Game time contract. Now I can not say. You need to decide what I want. Do Euroleague play, or play in the league weaker and more time on site.

– As the first workout for you?

– Training is tough, but I always liked her. There is no favorite or disliked exercise. Every day we work in different ways.

– Have you already seen teams playing style?

– This will depend on the situation. It seems to me that we will be able to run fast and offensive, and positional play basketball. This will depend on our preparation.

– As old-timers treat newcomers?

– Cementofkės “was not (laughs). Still not yet all gathered. When you come together, then we’ll see what happens. Really accepted me very well, with all the good agreement. All friendly and helps me.

– Maybe with a better basketball player has had time after building ties?

– We are together with Antanas Kavaliauskas of Druskininkai came here and talked together for several hours. After all, all well together, maybe with Renaldo Seibučiu best.

– Who is living room?

– One. I could have a roommate, because sometimes becomes sad.