Run the Floor reaches the ripe age of one

A year ago today I signed up for a WordPress account, paid GoDaddy a hosting fee, and starting writing down whatever thoughts I had on the ACC basketball scene. Looking back, I’m certain that my most optimistic visions didn’t include Run the Floor getting picked up by Bloguin three months later, or outright purchased by Bloguin three months after that in order to make it their feature college hoops blog. A year ago I was more concerned with how to make a banner that didn’t look like it was created by a 3rd grader (fail).

Prior to that, I had only blogged about one team: Florida State. Learning how to use an hour a day to write about an entire conference was a bit of a culture shock. Switching to Division I as a whole was even more daunting, and to be honest, still is.

But it’s a challenge I look forward to.

And now Run the Floor is a year old. According to the internets, the typical one-year-old doesn’t respond to discipline. They’re not quite old enough to really comprehend and understand what they are doing, nor understand good from bad. In a few months they will probably start to talk and put faces with words.

Sounds about right.

We have a vision (me, the guys at Bloguin, the writers) for what niche Run the Floor can fill in the landscape of college basketball websites. We have something to work for, and towards. And based on the number of stats-geeks and coaches who have followed on Twitter in the past year, I’d say we’re moving in the right direction.

This season we had great contributions from Andy Bottoms, Chris Burrows, Dan Bonsall and Scott King. Now I just need to convince them to stick around while I try and bring in more talented writers like those four.

I look forward to another year of writing about hoops (especially if the Seminoles don’t suck), and thank you all for reading.