tanner smith

Tanner Smith reaches out for your prayers

Tanner Smith, who last year concluded a solid career with the Clemson Tigers, is now playing professionally in Holland.This would typically mean that his time to be referenced at Run the Floor has passed, as we focus solely on the college game. But today I'm breaking the rules after he reached out with a heartfelt request for our prayers.

When I first read about Tanner's father years ago (he had a bone marrow transplant when Tanner was a small child) I became intrigued, and followed Tanner's career closely. Unfortunately, many bone marrow patients can never pull free from the wake of their transplant, as their new cells see their old organs as the enemy, and seek to wage war on them. This is graft vs host disease, from which Tanner's father suffers.

Now it appears, due to his graft vs host disease, his father will be losing his leg. Tanner isn't requesting anything, except that you keep his father in your prayers.