Tempo free Tuesday

Did you see Kansas lay the beatdown on Baylor? Need to know more? Shane Ryan has more.

As usual, KP and his band of data mining robots have been doing work. Want to know who the best college basketball player from each state are? He’s got you covered. How about the most consecutive made or missed baskets by competing teams? Yep. Meanwhile John Templon combs through KPs website and comes back with some interesting observations that are actually interesting.

Bracket projections are coming out left and right. Might be time to dust off your link to the Bracket Matrix.

The father of conference level efficiency is back with his first installment of Tuesday Truths. Smart, snarky and insightful. Check it out. And Chris Burrows uses efficiency comparisons to help craft his weekly Horizon League Power Rankings. And Summit Madness uses efficiency comparisons, videos and plenty of descriptive text to break down the Summit League.

Drew Cannon has invented a new metric called the Four Pettinella Score. I’ll give you a preview: Damian Lillard is really really really good.

Indiana lost twice in a row and promptly were declared a non top-25 team by John Feinstein (who managed to see more in the resume’s of Iona and Wagner). Now they get Nebraska, and Inside the Hall tells you what to expect. And David Hess doesn’t spend any time telling you that John Feinstein is an idiot, rather he points out more meaningful things.

These links come out on Tuesdays. Luke Winn’s Power Rankings come out on Thursday. Yet still people click on them when I list them. I’d suggesting updating your SI bookmarks.

Tom Izzo doesn’t like Michigan. The Wolverines don’t like Tom Izzo. Tonight they match up.

Josh Riddell diagrams a play that got Ohio a bucket at the buzzer.