the Baller’s Almanac: October 12

On this day in 1999, Bobby Knight shot one of his friends while hunting. The pair were hunting grouse in Wisconsin when Knight shot his friend Thomas Mikunda. Knight then coerced Mikunda into not reporting the accident. But the story eventually came out and Knight was cited for failing to report an accident, and for hunting without a license.

Two years later Mikunda sued Knight, claiming that the shot was not an accident, but rather that Knight fired at a bird knowing that Mikunda was in harm's way. The suit was settled out of court.

Later in his career, Knight would be accused of twice hitting people with shotgun pellets in Texas (without harm) while hunting doves.

Muggsy Bogues guest starred in the television Hang Time on this date in 1996. In the episode, Bogues stars at a basketball camp, while one of the shows start tries anything to get into the camp, including steroids.

It's Charlie Ward's birthday, born in Thomasville, Georgia in 1970. While in college at Florida State he was mostly known for his exploits in football, where he won the Heisman Trophy. But Ward was also a star on the basketball team, which featured several NBA players including Bob Sura and Sam Cassell. He is still the all-time leader in steals at FSU, and he guided FSU to their last Elite 8 appearance in 1993.

Ward would go on to become a 1st round pick by the New York Knicks.

Other birthdays include: Leon Brown 1919 (Wyoming), Jack Marin 1944 (Duke), Gary Garland 1957 (DePaul), Voise Winters 1962 (Bradley) Kevin Brooks 1969 (Louisiana Lafayette), and Maurice Carter 1976 (LSU)