the Baller’s Almanac: September 29

Hersey Hawkins was born in Chicago on this day in 1966. Hawkins would play his college hoops at Bradley, where he became the All-Time leading scorer in the Missouri Valley Conference. He averaged over 36 points a game as a senior, and was the consensus National Player of the Year.

Hawkins also played on the disappointing 1988 US Olympic Team, which finished with the bronze medal.

Delvon Roe retired a year ago today. The Michigan State star had to give up basketball due to degenerative knee problems.

Roe received his BFA is acting, and is currently pursuing a career in the movies.

Roy Hibbert and Detlef Schrempf appeared on the sitcom Parks and Recreation  one year ago today. Hibbert, a former center for Georgetown, was making his first television cameo. For Schrempf, who played at Washington, it was his 3rd appearance on the show.

Other birthdays include: Chuck Cooper 1926 (West Virginia State and Duquesne), John Paxson 1960 (Notre Dame), Jeff Shephard 1974 (Kentucky), and Kevin Durant 1988 (Texas)

Musician of the day: Brad Smith, bass player for Blind Melon, born on this day in 1968.